I have never been fit, and my uncomfortable school years meant I carried that fear of physical exercise into my teenage, and adult years.. (shit, am I an adult?? surely not!)

Anyway, after 4 months struck down with a virus a couple of years back, I started to think more about me and my health.

I gingerly enlisted the help of a local Personal Trainer, Chris Lawson, and we met for an initial coffee at a local pub in Ipswich. He got to know what I’m like straight away, as I asked the barman if their coffee was nice…! We chatted through what I wanted from a PT… obviously to look hench, but also to improve my cardio ability!

After a gentle few weeks, we launched into my plan, and I really enjoyed it. I looked at my diet more, and really got to learn how different foods provoke different energy levels. Chris soon suggested I sign up for a local obstacle course known as mucky races. I ran the mucky race for fun, and with a few friends, and was chuffed to finish, and in a fairly respectable, “beginner” time…!


I was enthused, and for my next race, I wanted to compete. I then entered the September Spartan Sprint in Cambridge! I was ultra chuffed to come in the top 30%, and smashed 20 or so yards of monkey bars, in front of a supportive crowd. It’s odd how you can perform better when you have an audience!

IMG_9078 IMG_1524


I got the mud race bug. It makes sense if you have something to aim for, it’s far easier to keep focus. But, for my next race, it’s a Dirty Dozen…. 12 kilometres with 20 obstacles…! And, I’ve got some muddying friends in on it too!!

I have assembled the “grubby gardeners” team, and we are raising cash in aid of Perennial, The Royal Gardener’s Benevolent Society, who help out horticulturists in need, especially the elderly. I have the tight bond with my grandparents to thank for inspiring me into horticulture. Without their guidance, I wouldn’t now be following a career that I absolutely love!


If you’re keen to donate, visit: http://www.justgiving.com/grubby-gardeners RIGHT NOW!

Or if you want to JOIN THE TEAM, there’s still time, just leave me your e-mail address in the comments section below!

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