I woke super early. Which is amazing, as I had a black out blind. Great, comfortable room though, and my self-selected pillow did the job. I think it was stuffed with beans actually.

I couldn’t identify much at breakfast, but ate it anyway. One of the items seemed to be cheese-flavoured noodles. They were great! As were the black-pastried pain au chocolat. Do you like how I just make up new words? “pastried”.

Then, I went to the a Tokyo Central station, which was still pretty quiet. Was I actually in Tokyo? I found the right train, and spotted westerners. I’m in/on a Shinkansen now. And I’ll be on it for 3 and a half hours.

But, I’ve got my iPod with 10,000 songs. Playing right now is “short short man” by 20 fingers featuring Gillette. Wifi seems a mystery, but don’t fear guys, my outbox is stacking up, watch out work crew!

I have corn tea in a bottle, and a sushi wrap, which is basically salmon wrapped around a prawn. This is paleo! Yay!

I would take a photo of the train, inside, but that would be boring, worse than another selfie.

Anyway, I got to Kyoto safely and have some time to spare. As a treat, I’m going to upload this blog now (on cafe wifi), and add to it later. In that case, it’s incorrectly named Kyoto. Oh well!


I’m back. And I’ve eaten puffer fish. Prepared by a certified chef, no less. And in 5 different forms, from sashimi to carpaccio, to stewed and fried…!

But, earlier, in Kyoto, Satoki took me to the breeder of the Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year 2014, Hydrangea “Miss Saori”! What an exciting honour!! We chatted hydrangeas for over an hour, and swapped some top secret breeding ideas too. Any clues?? Only the word “blue”!

I surprised him by revealing my elbow tattoo of his earlier creation, “Love”, too!

2014-09-23 14.00.29

We spent the later afternoon sightseeing a little bit. Satoki took me to the golden temple, with it’s amazing reflections, and gold-coated walls! We then went into the deep city, and explored the “kitchen street”, with 100’s of stalls. This is also the place I ate octopus kebab, raw tuna kebab, fish the size of needles, pickles, pea biscuits and more!

2014-09-23 16.10.06 2014-09-23 16.05.52

2014-09-23 17.10.28 2014-09-23 17.00.40

Then, the evening meal, which I was slightly dubious about… Satoki took me to a specialist puffer fish (balloon fish) restaurant, where the menu ONLY contained puffer fish, and the restaurant needed certification, as sometimes puffer can be poisonous… and need to be cooked correctly.

Never before have I had a meal arrive at the table, still kicking. Chunks of puffer fish, ready to be cooked on our table-mounted stove, simply vibrated, toying the mushrooms beside them, jolting the carrot slice above. Oh my lord!

Look away NOW!


The courses kept coming. First, sashimi. Second, carpaccio. Then, those chunks. Then, tempura. All puffer fish. After this, we poached some at the table. Then, had the broth with rice and seaweed. Then, sorbet. Then, green tea.

I’m now on the Shinkansen (train), due to arrive at 23:something to Tokyo. Then, I gotta pack for moving on again tomorrow… But, I’ve got to discard some items… I can’t be a bag lady at Shinjuku station again, I just can’t…!<

  • Well done on surviving the fugu meal! It certainly is an experience – one that I was only ever game to try once 🙂

    September 26, 2014

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