Anonymously contributed… This is collection of people’s favourite moments from the Sahara trek 2015!

Surfing Henry’s (a biscuit we were served every day after 4pm)

Climbing to the top of Erg Chigaga

Grabbing Tracey’s bum

The full week

Finishing the 4th trek off my list!

The view of sleeping centipedes each morning (the sleeping Trekkers)

Everyone getting to the top of the tall dune

A little desert mouse

Lunchtime in the desert; good food, good craic

The view from the top of Lady Gaga

Seeing all of the charity trekkers cross the finish line

Sleeping under the stars

Meeting the most bizarre, fabulous people

Michael’s hostage moment

Camel ride

Playing in the sand


Ibraham’s smile

Watching everybody moon at the side of Michael’s face when he was dressed up as a hostage

The top of the hill, as we waited for the moon to rise

Nick jumping into the pool and his trunks coming off

Being caught in a sandstorm with no guide

Afternoon’s drinking mint tea; a chance to reflect on the day

Everyone crossing the finish line together

Full moon

Running down the dune

Handling a lizard on the first day in camp

Getting up, walking as the moon set and the sun rose

Seeing Ibraham again, and being please he got promotion from cook to guide

Having the company of such a varied group of people who made the tripmemorable

Nick de-robing of his fleece on day 3, when the temperature hit 40

Nick on the last night, after a couple of vinos, heading to the toilets and swearing as he stubbed his toe on a stone

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