The ultimate A-Z of the sahara

One of the games we played as we walked through the sweltering desert was the A-Z game. We did various subjects from pop singers to countries, cheeses to things you do at a wedding.

But now, this is the A-Z of the Sahara, the mother of all A-Z’s!

(But I apologise this might only make sense to people that were on the trip!)

Alphabet Game



Dustin the Turkey

Egg Stew

Farting, multiple


Henry, Surfing



Kiri (cheese)

Lady Gaga Dune

Max Wood, Porn Star

Nick’s Fleece

Overheating and almost dying

Pooing in a hole

Questions about distance

Random pieces of meat



Uncontrollable bowels

Very high sand dunes

Writing with your pen in your ass

X-rated A-Z games



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