Here’s a very different view of the Grubby Gardeners’ charity madness…

It’s Charlotte, the wife of @a_wain !

“My name is Charlotte and I am married to a Grubby!

I met Andy a little while ago now and have always known that he has drive, a flair for persuasion and is extremely good at his job. Little did I know that a few years down the line I would be jumping out of an aeroplane, thanks to his enthusiastic involvement with Perennial.

I thought my role would always be that of supporter, trailing behind making sure he could get home after the celebratory beers at the end of an event, making sure I packed a towel so he didn’t have to leave a puddle on the front seat after taking on muddy 12k obstacle courses, making tea for people on garden visits and the like.  It is very hard not to be impressed by his enthusiasm and watching the Grubby’s work as such a team around that ruddy obstacle course at the weekend was amazing.  What an achievement!

Every day Izzy, our daughter, and I feel lucky and privileged to live where we live. We only live there thanks to Andy’s hard work and the talent that got him his job as Head Gardener of Euridge Manor. In our position, I can also clearly see why Perennial and the work they do is so important to so many people.  We survive because of Andy and the support they give to people may one day be invaluable to us.  It is not just down to the horticulturists to support this fabulous charity, but I feel it is down to me too, as a wife of one, to make an effort to support them too.

I have been inspired by him, have laughed at him and with him, have had a birthday shout out from a naked Andy on Loose Women, and even have a calendar full of naked gardeners in the kitchen!  After being a spectator for so long, I am now taking part in a challenge for Perennial though…

Needless to say, I think Andy is the bees knees and I owe him so much.

So….. thanks to him, I will be falling out of a plane on the 2nd of May. Perhaps then we will be even??

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