Sacrificing my identity!! All in the name of charity

The time has come for you to VOTE on the future of my face!

Please help me support Alzheimer’s Society as I prepare to lose my pride and joy; my hair and beard.

HOWEVER, the decision is in YOUR hands. Please make your donation by clicking on either SHAVE or KEEP.

By donating as little as a £1, you’ll be helping sufferers of Alzheimer’s just like my beloved Nana. Without her encouragement and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Voting closes 5pm on Friday 30 October, with the shave (or trim) taking place at Gentlemans Relish Ipswich at 5.30pm that evening!

Proceed from BOTH funds go to Alzheimer’s Society.

Please click carefully, as we need an accurate result!

Click photo to SHAVE
Click photo to KEEP!
Click photo to KEEP!

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