The London skyline is becoming ever more stimulating, and with the recent build of the “walkie talkie” building, a sky high forest has sprung up and is open for visitors!

I was fortunate enough to queue jump, and got to see the sky garden the day after a non-boozy night at the recent Garden Media Guild awards. I’m glad I wore a coat because in November the sky garden is slightly drafty. Bless the cafe visitors wrapped in blankets! But, I imagine the summer is scorching up there!

This high altitude, landscaped public garden was packed with the usual exotics. Tree ferns, cycads and an array of palms all jostled for attention, under planted by a cheeky selection of what we know as quite old fashioned house plants, Tradescantia. It’s not quite as diverse planting as the Eden project, but it’s not necessarily being billed as a botanical garden, just a fun “outdoor” space.

You can enjoy coffees and teas in the sky garden, although remember to grab a blanket! Oh, and don’t take ALL your luggage like I did, as there are no luggage stores, meaning I was hoofing it up with me through the tree fern forest!

Of course, we must mention the view! What a vantage point. Yet another affirmation that London is a fantastic city. It was a lovely clear day, so the landscape of London was simply gleaming, and hugely photogenic! Enjoy the photos, and plan your visit right now- click here!

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