As an attempt for you guys to get to know me a bit more, I have added a nice little ‘about me’ section to my website! My first subject to tackle is music. So, I’m going to let you into my audio world, and not feel ashamed!

I have always been a big music fan, ever since those days listening to Smash Hits Party ’88 cassette tape in my small childhood bedroom. We’ll gloss over the earlier years though, where I simply unravelled my parents cassette tapes and ran around the room with the ribbons!

Predictably, I think the first 7 inch record I bought was Kylie ‘I should be so lucky’, although she was the zeitgeist for many at that time, so I wasn’t alone! I was a sucker for the twinkly Stock, Aitken and Waterman sound I guess! I think I went on to buy every single Kylie release, and later did the same for Eternal, Alisha’s Attic and Destiny’s Child! Even through that period of most releases having 2 CD singles, which was clearly a way to extract more pocket money from my poor little wallet. I was always seduced by a remix though, so always bought both CD’s!

Even today, I still seek out the remix! A guy I’ve been seeing has just introduced to Spotify, which is a remix queen’s wet dream! The App has also opened my eyes to a wider range of niche music, which I’ve always loved, but been lazy about finding! The charts are now quite irrelevant. This is a fact that poor 10 year old Michael, sitting on his bed on a Sunday afternoon, finger poised over the record button, may not be able to quite comprehend!

So, now I’ve got 12,000 songs in my iTunes, plus the whole world of Spotify. Delving into the collection, you’ll find wild extremes; from Altern-8 ‘Infiltrate 202’ to Tori Amos with ‘Talula’- the BT Tornado remix! Other favourites include Michelle Gayle ‘Happy just to be with you’, remixed to a Chic ‘Good Times’ backing track and shameful ‘Whoomph! There it is’ by Clock..

Hmm, I think I’ve exposed enough for now! I’m off to see what Sinitta might have released recently…

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