First came the TomTato.
Known for many years as a horticultural phenomenon! In days gone by, gardeners occassionally spent time taping tomato plants onto potato stems in order to create the much fabled ‘TomTato’.


But then, we found a way to produce almost 50,000 plants in commercial numbers. We didn’t do this with just any tomato and potato though. On the top, we used a super sweet tomato, with a high Brix content, almost as sweet as a strawberry. The fruits are thin-skinned, so you won’t find them in supermarkets (as they would damage easily!) The variety is also a bumper cropper, and plants can produce hundreds of fruits per plant. Buy it now.

Then, BELOW the ground, your plants reward you with a surprise harvest; a few kilos of versatile white potatoes!!

TomTato_MP_TMHF-34 - Copy TomTato_Beekenkamp supp 3 labelsWhen we released the TomTato, it took the world by storm. The plant captured the interest of lots of people, not all of them gardeners or plant-lovers! Even teenagers were tweeting about the plant, nicknamed ‘Frankenstein food’. BUT, it’s 100% natural, it’s just 2 plants fixed/grafted together!

With this project, the next obvious step was a similarly compatible duo, aubergines and potatoes… so, we introduced the Egg and Chips plant to the world…! In case this sounds crazy, we need to explain that the title uses the common name of the Aubergine, Egg Plant- it doesn’t grow real eggs!! The potato base actually gives the whole plant an extra vigour boost, and the aubergine produces fruits reliably in the UK!
Egg & Chips with MP_TMAT eggandchipsFINAL

Instead of chips and ketchup or Patatas Bravas, you now have the all the components to make Moussaka!

You can grow your TomTato or Egg and Chips plants in patio containers, growbags (turned up on end!), on the allotment or veg patch. Be part of this amazing dual cropping revolution- space-saving, great for kids and FUN!

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