Christmas shopping for people that love plants and fashion!

Christmas isn’t far away, let’s be honest about it. Get ahead of the game by ticking your gardeners and plant lovers off your Christmas shopping list! Those two types of people that can be notoriously difficult to buy for, buy I think you’ll find some lovely pieces in my own-designed merchandise range!

Christmas gifts for gardeners, plant lovers, or those you want to inspire!
I apologise in advance, as you’re about to see 10 photos of me… I really need some new models! uhhhh!

1. Virtual Garden

Virtual Garden Opuntia Cactus

Super modern design, swapping botanical curves for sharp geometric lines!
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2. Plant Snob

Plant Snob

We all know one, don’t we? Or maybe it’s you!
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3. Plants & Potions

Plants & Potions

A simply T-shirt range combining your favourite flowers and alcohol, open to your own suggestions too!
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4. rude botany

rude botany

It’s not rude, it’s botany. Every plant name is 100% real, and 100% cheeky!
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5. Mr Plant Geek originals.

Plant Geek originals.

The very first design, taking inspiration from a scout badge. Dib dib dob!
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6. Plant Goddess

Plant Goddess

It’s a girl!
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7. For the love of plants

For the love of plants

Be different with this Japanese language T!
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8. Remember me

Remember me

If you’re any sort of plant geek you’re bound to feel like this from time to time…
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9. I am Plant Geek

I am Plant Geek

The ultimate geeky confession!
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10. PLNTGK underwear

PLNTGK undies

And, finally, something for the cheeky gardener!
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Until Thursday 16th November, all items are 20% off. Just use code JOY2017 on the website.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Seriously, those clothes are not appropriate for all of us. Maybe if I had a tummy like that. Otherwise, you don’t want to see this is that.

    1. All sizes are available 😁

      1. tonytomeo says:

        Just because they make it in my size does not mean I should wear it! Okay, maybe it is not that bad, but as much as I like the ‘plant snob’ label, I do not wear t-shirts with things printed on them. Actually, I do not wear t-shirts at all.

      2. Hi! With all due respect, what are we discussing then?? 😝😃

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