From moon-planting to knitting: 5 plant-themed books to buy now!

With Christmas on the way, this is a great time to review the hottest horticultural books of the moment! There are titles for everyone; from crafts that beat the winter blues to seasonal snacking and moon planting!

Here’s my look at 5 of the hottest books right now!
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Making Winter by Emma Mitchell
Published by LOM Art

After lusting after her Instagram posts for nigh on a year, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Emma Mitchell’s first book! There’s a whole bunch of feel-good craft projects for those dark autumn and winter months, plus tips on how to make flat-lays as good as she does! She wrote for me once too, hahah, I am a groupie….!

Available now on amazon for £10.43, click here to buy!


Modern Lawn Care: The Complete Guide to a Happy & Healthy Lawn by David Hedges-Gower
Published by The Big Ideas Library

With such varying advice and tips for lawns and lawn care available these days, David Hedges-Gower (such a cool name) has brought together his years of experience into a definitive guide. After all, a happy lawn means a healthy lawn!

Available now on amazon for £17.99, click here to buy


How to Grow by Hollie Newton
Published by Orion Spring

Hollie’s ballsy writing style makes growing as simple as can be, without ever being patronising. It’s a ‘warts and all’ guide, which will have you chuckling at times. But, most importantly, it’ll have you feeling confident enough to get growing!!

Available now on amazon for £9.94 (£6.99 on Kindle), click here to buy


The Secret Gardeners: Britain’s Creatives Reveal Their Private Sanctuaries by Victoria Summerly
Published by Frances Lincoln

I could not put this book down when it first arrived! Perhaps that’s the nosey neighbour in me. This book is like that old programme ‘Through the Keyhole’, but for gardens. It’s chunky too, with divine photography, so clear some space on that coffee table!

Available now on amazon for £14.99 (£14.24 on Kindle), click here to buy


Of Naked Ladies and Forget-me-Nots by Allan Armitage
Published by Allan Armitage

When you search for this book online, the results can be quite varied, so be warned! 100% laugh-out loud, this book gives the story behind some of the more unusual (and cheeky) plant names and is written by colourful gardening personality, Allan. Just don’t read it on the train, you may get some looks!

Available now on amazon for £13.54, click here to buy!


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