Are you all set for summer in your garden this year? I’m sure you’ve got all your plants potted on, your hanging baskets filled, your lawn trimmed and looking sharp, but how about that finishing touch..? Well, I wonder if you’ve ever considered a water feature?

Here are 9 reasons why I think a water feature is the one thing you can’t afford to live without in your garden this summer:

  1. Relieve stress and help meditation. For many years, it’s been known that the sounds of nature can relax the mind and body, and research has recently proven that this can promote more external-focussed attention. So, when you feel like you’ve got the world on your shoulders, relaxing by a water feature can help to de-fuzz your mind!
  2. They can reduce noise pollution. If you’re living near to a busy road or are subject to any type of noise pollution, you’ll find that the sounds of running water can help to overpower that sound, and relax you at the same time.
  3. It will attract wildlife and enhance the ecosystem in your garden. Once your water feature is installed, you’re bound to find some cheeky birds having a quick splash! Dragonflies may also dart around your water feature during the summer months, keeping some of the more troublesome insects at bay. Your outdoor space will soon become a haven for beneficial wildlife, making gardening easier for you, with less need for insecticide use!
  4. Increase humidity within the garden. The addition of a water feature will encourage a fine mist in the surrounding area, meaning it’s possible for you to grow a wider range of plants. Try your water feature in a shady corner with some ferns and you’ll really notice the difference!
  5. Fancy without the fuss! Most water features are incredibly easy to install and with minimal maintenance requirements, giving you even more time to enjoy all those benefits!
  6. Create a social area. Why not make your water feature an integral part of the garden, so it can be something that everyone can enjoy? Create that tranquil area to congregate and enjoy a few summer spritzers with friends and family!
  7. Get that top garden designer look! Most of the top RHS Chelsea Flower Show gardens have the extra dimension of running water, and over the years we’ve seen some fabulous sleek designs. Water features add style and class to any sized garden. After all, fountains were originally found in the elaborate gardens of glorious mansions owned by the rich and famous..
  8. Add to the curb appeal of your home. Using your water feature in the front garden can add a real touch of class to your property, which could come in beneficial if you’re ever thinking of selling up.. it could even help you get a better price!
  9. Use them indoors too! Some water features are suitable for using indoors as well, meaning you can enjoy all those relaxing benefits in your own home, all year round. Your houseplants will thank you for it, too!

Coming up on QVC this week, we have a water feature that combines all of the above and more:

The Garden Reflections Contemporary LED Water Feature has it all!

LED lights illuminate the water from below, lighting up those gushing streams as they tumble out of the very modern spout. You even have the option to choose a fountain design with space to plant up a few of your favourite plants along the top!

The subtle colours of this fountain will blend well with both urban and cottage garden formats. Those LED lights look great day or night, and a 10 metre cable gives you flexibility to place the feature anywhere you like around your outdoor space. Your choice is between the Bowl and Planter designs, and all information on the offer can be found here, and a with our full photo gallery below:

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