The infinite possibilities of balcony gardening

You can create a garden in the smallest of spaces these days, thanks to the latest technology and plant choices. From flowers to vegetables and herbs, which will be super useful in the kitchen.

What you need to optimise your small space garden

Small space garden hacks
Make the most of your petit jardin with these small space garden hacks
The new VegTrug is the best way to jump right to the front of the allotment waiting list. These wooden units are convenient and are ideal for all ages to garden with. Plant up with a mix of herbs and vegetables, and you’ll reduce your food miles and get the best tasting crops!


Small space garden hacks


Jazz up your balcony with easy-hang containers too, or why not opt for a movable garden with the wheeled containers, all with an inbuilt reservoir. Fill them with easy-care shrubs and drought tolerant plants, and you’ll have an effortless summer display too!


Small space garden hacks

Just because you’re limited to a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t have all the fun! Have these ideas inspired you to get creative with your balcony? Send me a picture on social media, or comment down below.

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