Organic fertiliser - PlantGrow

You might have read about PlantGrow, gardening’s new natural phenomenon, in a previous article from me – but how about the chance to win it? I’m giving away five sets of PlantGrow‘s amazing organic fertiliser – the perfect friend to your garden, and to wildlife, pets and children.

Organic fertiliser - PlantGrow

PlantGrow is made from 100% plants through anaerobic digestion. Available in both liquid and solid form, PlantGrow was initially a bi-product of this digestion process. However, the power of this bi-product has been harnessed and repurposed as a fabulous plant feed.

Made in Norfolk, the organic fertiliser blends cereal crops with various fruits and vegetables. It’s perfect for a nutrient boost for your flowers! It also works as a long term soil improver, providing nutrition to stimulate root development and healthy growth, unlike a lot of chemical fertilisers.

Organic fertiliser - PlantGrow

Because of its organic ingredients, PlantGrow is safe to use around children and pets in the garden! You can use this organic fertiliser to improve all types of garden vegetation. Try it on trees, shrubs, and all the way through to your prize roses.

PlantGrow is available at Homebase, Dobbies, Blue Diamond & Cherry Lane stores, plus many independent garden centres across the UK.

Want the chance to win a package of PlantGrow organic fertiliser in liquid AND solid form? Enter via the ContestFriend widget, below!

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    August 8, 2018
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    How do I know if my entry was accepted? No confirmation?

    August 13, 2018

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