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I’ll soon be back on your screens with my gardening show on QVC TV! ‘Michael’s Garden World’ returns on Saturday 5th January at 9am, and we then have a whole month of gardening products and information for viewers new and old, and I hope you’ll join us!

All the big brands will be back; from the premium bulb quality of De Jager to the carefully chosen plants of Hayloft Plants, we also have an innovative range of hard goods from The Grumpy Gardener, and of course Tommy will be back rummaging in his tool shed for a few handy solutions!

Why not set your calendar and make sure you never miss a show- check out all programme dates here! During the spring season, we have lots and lots of new plants to share with you, at some of the most competitive prices. We will also be giving you some extra guidance in your garden with some special themed shows that explore all the top trends for 2019! I’ve been working closely with the Buyers this autumn to help curate the product selection.

I’ll also be starting up some competitions where you can win some of the products that we will be showing in the studio! Keep an eye out for more information on how to take part.

So, I’m hoping you’ll set aside some time each Saturday morning (and sometimes a Sunday too!) for making a cuppa and tune in to the only 2 hour gardening show in the UK! I can’t wait to get started.

However, I want to give you a sneak peek into January right now! Here’s 10 highlights from our January shows! Remember to tune in to find out the full story behind them.

Plants2Gardens Salix Mount Aso

It is SO EXCITING to have this plant on the shows, and it really shows that our brands know what they’re talking about when it comes to cool plants! ‘Mount Aso’ was one of the most talked about plants at RHS Wisley last spring, as  visitors and staff alike were entranced by the catkins, which look like small fluffy pink slippers! Also known as the Japanese Pink Pussy Willow,. this easy grow shrub will last for many years in the garden.

Selected originally as a cut flower, ‘Mount Aso’ is a handsome border plant, or it can be grown in a big chunky container. As with everything Ken brings us, it’s a cracking plant and supplied as a well-established plant ready to plant out. You’ll be able to enjoy that funky look in the first year too, no sitting around waiting for the main event. Plants reach 2 metres in height, and give 3 seasons of interest. During the summer, silver blue foliage clothes the plants, with winter pink catkins transforming to golden as the pollen opens in the spring. A kaleidoscope of colour! Buy it now.

Plants2Gardens Begonia Pendula Multiflora

Every garden needs a Begonia or two, especially as our summer’s get less and less predictable.. Begonias are the champions of the patio- withstanding cold, wet, hot, dry, even sleet and snow if it happens! Their succulent stature can almost seem artificial it’s so perfect. And, the trailing ones have to be the best too- with showers of tropical blossoms.

Some might say they’re old fashioned, but I say bah humbug to them! What other plant could flower as long, look as glossy, grow in sun OR shade…. huh? Petunias hate the shade.. Geraniums need SO much deadheading to flower for any length of time.. See what I mean?! Buy now.

Mont Rose 12 x Giant Oriental Lilies

These are the big boys! Flowers the size of dinner plates and with a fragrance better than any Eau de Cologne! Mont Rose know how to get the best deals on bulbs, and have some great contacts in the lily industry, and we thank them richly for this hand-selected mixture.

Lilies are perfect for beginners. So easy to grow, it’s impossible to fail. I always have a few Lilies on the go during the summer. It doesn’t take a minute to plant a few amongst your borders or pots, and within 10-12 weeks you’ll have these big show-offs in your border. There’s a real touch of luxury to them, with velvety petals and that sugary scent. Blissful! And the stems are long enough to cut too, snip a few for a vase before friends come round for dinner.

Find them here.

Wildlife World National Trust Swing Seat

Our theme for January is wildlife and we have some clever solutions, and this feeder is no exception! The design actually attracts smaller birds in particular, and the swinging discourages larger birds, who usually steal the food from the smaller birds!

Finally, finches, tits and other shy birds have a safe haven to eat their meal! The wood effect recycled plastic food tray also encourages good hygiene and can be removed for cleaning. We are particularly proud that these feeders have the National Trust Seal of Approval too. Buy yours now.

Richard Jacksons 12.75kg High Energy Bird food

Richard Jackson High Energy Bird Food

January’s Product of the Month is from my good old friend, Richard Jackson, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to the Swing Seat. Richard’s class leading range of bird feeds have sold tremendously well on QVC over the years, and this new blend is better than ever! My Dad has been using it for a few months now, and has become quite the bird spotter!

Many people don’t realise that birds need feeding all year round, not just during the cold winter months. Summer is just as important as the young get their strength up and prepare to leave home! Customers have been seeing birds they haven’t seen for years now they’re feeding with the Richard Jackson mix! A whole host of different components, including suet pellets and energy rich seeds, for even the pickiest fluffy eaters!

Find it here.

Richard Jackson Birdfood Storage Bin

Richard Jackson Birdfood Storage Bin

Another practical solution from Richard Jackson and his team is the Birdfood Storage Bin.

A sturdy and stylish way to store your bird food.  Made of metal, and painted white,  it has been designed to accommodate both the 12.75kg and the 14kg bags of Richard Jackson’s Bird Food.  It comes with a handy scoop to help fill your bird feeders and a convenient carry handle to move the tin around your garden.

Richard Jackson Growing Success kit

Richard isn’t only about bird feed this spring though, he’s also bringing his fertilisers to help us get the best from our plants. I’ve lost count of how many QVC customers have sent in pictures of their bountiful blooms! The Growing Success Kit is designed for first timers, with loads of goodies!

For planting, the kit includes a 650g tub of Rootbooster. This 100% natural planting mix helps boost root growth and grow stronger, healthier plants. For Feeding, there’s a 1.15kg tub of Richard’s Flower Power, the top selling,  tried and tested professional formula plant food. 

This kit also includes the BRAND NEW 500ml Seaweed Tonic. A top formula, cold pressed solution, used and trusted by professionals. Lastly, the kit includes a quality, easy use Flower Power branded hand sprayer, for applying the seaweed tonic and for general misting of indoor and outdoor plants. You’ll be a professional in next to no time!

Find it here.

Hayloft Plants 100 x Double Freesias Bulbs with 2 x Decorative Pots

Hayloft Plants and the effervescent David will also be back for 2019 with a cracking deal on a favourite fragrance. There’s nothing better than the sweet, sticky scent of Freesias, I can never resist a bunch! But, here’s a chance to grow your own. We give you the bulbs, and these fab pots to grow them in!

They’re ideal for a summer patio, where the heat will be appreciated. A merry blaze of rainbow colours, and the best bit, they are DOUBLE! Twice as many petals as standard Freesias, they almost look carved from wax.

Find them here.

Thompson & Morgan Petunia Frills and Spills Fragrant Mix 15 Posti Plugs

Another one for those of you with a sweet tooth – these are the sugar sweet Petunia ‘Frills and Spills’! Bred in England by the world’s leading Petunia expert, everything about these plants is perfect – the shape, the balance, the flower shape, the fragrance, the colours. That English breeding also means it’ll laugh in the face of our embarasisngly bad english summers too…

That fragrance though. Absolute crushed brown sugar. The colours are a lovely circus too, some blooms even have stripes. When I only have space for one patio plant, I make it a Frills & Spills Petunia! Only needs a little maintenance to nip off the dead heads, your reward is more blooms! Ace! Grab yours quick!

Set of 2 Nut Pecker Birdfeeders with 660gm of Peanut Butter Bird Food

A duo pack that your birds are going to love! After all, who can resist a tasty peanut snack?!

Another awesome invention by The Grumpy Gardener, as Joe and his Dad innovate to offer practical solutions in gardening and wildlife care. The Bird Feeder is designed to be used with the ready-mixed Peanut Butter food. It’s a smartly constructed house, ideal for smaller birds, but deterring bigger birds that can be a bit piggy (such as pigeons and magpies…) Stand on a flat surface or hang, it’s more flexible than most feeders that’s for sure.

This peanut butter treat has a super high calorie content, giving birds vital energy during these colder months. If you haven’t been feeding the birds and wildlife in your garden until now, then this kit will give you the best start!

Find them here.

What are you looking forward to most out of these QVC gardening highlights? Let me know in the comments section below!

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