QVC Gardening - February 2019 Highlights

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Thank you so much for your support during the launch month on QVC, we have had an amazing month, with increased viewership and a real buzz around some of the changes we are making to the show.

An added focus on editorial and gardening tips is giving you that extra helping hand in your garden, too. I’m there to help, whatever level of gardener you may (or may not) be! My latest Q Gossip gives you a few tips, if you’re thinking of wrapping up warm and getting outside. Read it here.

February brings us fragrant peonies, a first look at the new summer bedding, intelligent tools and outdoor finishing touches. Join us all month, see the show dates here.

Tree Peonies

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Tree Peonies

Each month, we have a ‘plant of the month’, which is always great value and a plant we know you’ll love. For February, Thompson & Morgan have really pulled out all the stops, with a pack of specially imported Tree Peonies!

If you haven’t come across Tree Peonies before, they are the original peony’s bigger brother, and have been grown in Asia for thousands of years. Their structure is open and shrubby, and the flowers can rival a rose for beauty- and fragrance!

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Tree Peony white

They can be grown in the garden or on the patio, and we are supplying a bareroot plant, which is the best way to start them off. The plants are dormant, and you’re only paying for that raw material, not the pot or compost! Buy now.

Moss Remover

Richard Jackson Moss Remover

Richard Jackson is a whizz when it comes to gardening solutions, and this time he is helping us to tidy up mossy lawns. If you’ve got a lawn in shade, it can be a nightmare to keep it moss-free, as the shady conditions and lack of air circulation encourage growth of the moss. Moss is pretty, but holds moisture, so that’s what makes the squelchy lawn underfoot.

It’s natural too – the moss feeds on friendly bacteria. In fact, over time it gorges itself, eventually exploding and turning brown. But, don’t be too hasty to rake the dead moss up, it then FEEDS the lawn. Treat your lawn in March, and get a fresh, moss-free lawn by summer this year. Buy it here.

Scented Phlox

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: scented Phloxx

Weeds can be difficult to prevent in the garden, and you may have tried all the tools and tricks, but have you tried using PLANTS??

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Scented Phlox in Japanese Garden

Each year in Japan, huge fields are planted with this colourful Phlox. Plants are thick and grow like a thick carpet, and each plant covers 1 foot squared. Plant it in a sunny spot, or even a dry sunny bank, and it’ll soon form an impenetrable barrier that the weeds can get through. And we haven’t even mentioned how beautiful it is – ombre shades of pink, starry blooms, sweet perfume, it’s got it all! Get yours here

Scented Begonias

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Scented Begonias

And, another scented plant, the Begonia! That may sound unusual to you, and you’d be right, scented Begonias are few and far between. But, when you have the opportunity to grow one, you really must!

Only available on QVC, ‘Bounty’ is bred in the UK, by the creator of the glorious Tumbelina Petunias. They are fit for growing in an english climate, and have a fragrance akin to a sweet rose! 

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Scented Begonias

Furthermore, they’ll ALWAYS be fragrant, as the scent is held in the petals of the flower, rather than the oils, so it doesn’t need warming up before it can be detected. Even after a downpour of rain, they’ll smell AH-MAZING!
Find them here.

Wet and Forget

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Wet & Forget

A gardening product that makes you want to clean, sounds crazy huh? Keeping your outdoor space clean and tidy doesn’t only make your garden sparkle, but it also keeps pest and disease at bay. Think about all those grimy surfaces, perhaps old stone statues that would be impossible to scrub. Now’s the time to get them spick and span.

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Wet & Forget

No scrubbing required either, you simply spray on Wet & Forget, and…err… forget about it! Make sure you shield plants and ponds before you spray, but once you have sprayed, the secret recipe gets to work on any algae, lichen and mould. You’ll start to see results within just a few weeks! Buy now.


Have you ever heard of a plant that would flower pretty much all year round? Well, this is it. Yeah, the name might be a tongue twister, but don’t let that put you off. Polygala is a South African shrub that has settled itself into our climate very much, and doesn’t need as much water as you may imagine.

This new specification of Polygala is a standard too, meaning it has been trained to look like a smart lollipop. You know the look, it’s how Bay and Box are often grown, but now you have a plant like that, with flowers too! Ace! Countless 5 star reviews! Find it here.

Rake Broom

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Rake Broom

Just when you didn’t think brooms could get any better, the ‘rake broom’ comes along. Those soft curved bristles are always in contact with the ground, so they sweep with accuracy and efficiency.

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Rake Broom

It can also be used dry or wet, so you can clean up the patio or the leaves off the lawn. Super versatility! Grab yours now.

Summer Bedding Collection

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Summer Bedding Collection Green

Here’s where you can plan some designer patio pots in your garden or outdoor space! It doesn’t have to be a hassle either, as the plants are already supplied in a ‘ready to plant’ size!

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Summer Bedding Collection Lilac

Each pack includes FOUR patio containers and TWELVE plants in that big chunky size. The only choice you have to make is between the green container pack or the lavender container pack, each of them having carefully chosen plants that work with the colours. Many of those varieties are new to cultivation too, having been selected for summer blooming performance as well as other attributes such as scent and colour!

Launching 9th February 2019

Cocoon Hanging Chair

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Canopy Hanging Chair

A cocoon hanging chair- that FOLDS! A fantastic invention from new brand, Innovators, who are busy improving established designs, and giving them that extra something!

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Canopy Hanging Chair dismantled

Indoor- outdoor, the seat takes up only 1 metre square of floorspace! The ideal place to sit and read a book, with a cup of tea/glass of gin/beer* 

*delete as appriopriate!

Find it here.

Japanese Fountain

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Japanese Fountain

‘Zen gardens’ are one of the most searched terms online when it comes to gardening! This new fountain gives you the opportunity to join in with this thirst for serene outdoor spaces.

QVC Gardening - February Highlights: Japanese Fountain

All-weather design, this is a statement piece, for balcony, patio or garden. Plant around the fountain with some luscious Ferns and Hosta, and you’ll soon have your little space for relaxation!

Launching soon!

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