Richard Jackson's double action weedkiller

Aside from cleaning the garden shed, weeding is probably at the top of every gardener’s list of jobs that they’d ditch if they could. It’s a super time-intensive job, and just when you think you’ve got all the weeds, five more pop up!

There are plenty of weedkillers on the market, but many of them contain nasty chemicals or take a long time to get to work. Richard Jackson’s Double Action Weedkiller contains a fast-acting, bio-degradable formula which gets deep into the weed and cuts it off at the root.

This effective product can save you time – as well as prevent that awful weeding backache. But until you get some for yourself, here are a few ways to procrastinate from your weeding jobs:

1. Planting potatoes

2. Cleaning the patio

3. Feeding the lawn

4. Washing the car

5. Moving plants outdoors

Plant pots

6. Repainting the shed

7. Shopping for garden lighting

8. Adding to the compost heap

9. Washing gardening aprons and gloves

10. Admiring newly planted LO Lilies

11. Spring cleaning the bedroom

12. Repainting the kitchen

13. Hoovering

14. Wiping dust off the leaves of houseplants

15. Re-organising cupboards

16. Donating old clothes to charity

17. Fluffing pillows

18. Changing the bed covers

19. Re-grouting the shower

20. Refreshing photos on display

21. Taking a bubble bath

22. Getting a haircut

23. Reading a book

24. Exfoliating

25. Booking a holiday



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26. Doodling

27. Having a nice cup of tea

28. Catching up on Hollyoaks

29. Listening to Dua Lipa’s album in full


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30. Harvesting some veg for a nice dinner

31. Going for a walk

32. Taking tennis lessons

33. Sweating it out at the gym

34. Going shopping

35. Playing Mario  Kart

36. Eating at a restaurant

37. Visiting a National Trust landmark

38. Taking a picnic to the park

39. Litter picking at the beach

40. Foraging


41. Walking the High Line in New York

New York High Line

42. Getting stuck behind tourists at the Eiffel Tower

43. Eating tapas in Spain

44. Relaxing on a beach in the Maldives

45. Helping conservation efforts at the Great Barrier Reef

46. Island hopping in Greece

47. Finding amazing plants in the Amazon Rainforest

48. Discovering zen gardens in Japan

Bonsai tree

49. Watching stylish people from a cafe in Stockholm

50. Wandering around the Keukenhof Tulip gardens in The Netherlands



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51. Writing a blog post

52. Talking to you all on social media

53. Finding memes about plants

54. Streaming TV series

55. Shopping for cool plant pots

56. Getting lost down a Reddit hole

57. Googling myself

58. Looking up plant based recipes for dinner

59. Searching for new public gardens to visit

Kew Gardens

60. Seeing what my local plant nursery are up to

61. Sleeping

62. Answering emails

63. Booking shows for my Weird & Wacky Plants Tour

Mr Plant Geek gardening Shows 2019

64. Drinking coffee

65. Trying to find a cool place to work for the day

66. Going on the road to speak at an event

67. Thinking up ideas for Michael Perry’s Garden World

68. Recording new videos for my YouTube channel

69. Organising fun competitions for Mr Plant Geek readers

70. Recording the Plant Based Podcast with Ellen Mary

71. Admiring the decor at Palm Vaults


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72. Visiting Kew Gardens

73. Seeing a show on the West End

74. Going on a river cruise

75. Walking along the Embankment

76. Shopping on Carnaby Street

77. Acting like a tourist in front of Big Ben

78. Going out-out in Soho

79. Taking lots of photos at Sky Garden

80. Browsing cacti and succulents at Prick



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81. Abseiling down a cliff

82. Swimming the Channel

83. Bungee jumping

84. Skydiving

85. Skiing down a mountain in The Alps

86. Surfing in shark infested waters

87. Free diving

88. Cheese rolling

89. Tobogganing

90. Hang gliding

91. Reading the entire works of Shakespeare

92. Acting out a Samuel Beckett play

93. Learning all the nicknames of characters in a Tolstoy novel

94. Sitting through an opera

95. Going to the ballet

96. Writing a 100,000 autobiography

97. Making up a poem about Geraniums

Geraniums at the door

98. Painting a hyper-realist self-portrait

99. Going on a museum tour of the UK

100. Reading the info plaque of every piece of art at the Louvre

101. Walking the length of the Millennium Bridge on my hands


So, before you get out and tackle that list of 101 suggestions, you’ll need just 5 minutes in the garden. But, we have a helping hand for you! The Double Action Weedkiller from Richard Jackson now has a new battery operated power sprayer, and it’s coming to QVC on Saturday 13th April.

Richard Jackson's double action weedkiller

It really is the faster and the better way to kill weeds, so that you have more time for things you love doing.

The formula is double action, fast acting and glyphosate free! It is based on a naturally occurring ingredient in geranium leaves and it works very fast. Here’s some highlights of those weed-evaporating skills!

  • Extra fast acting. Some weedkillers can take weeks to work. You can see this working in hours! On hot sunny days, results can be seen within 2 hours, on cooler, cloudier day, it still works  within 24 hours.
  • 100% glyphosate free. Reassuringly, this is based on a naturally occurring ingredient found in geranium leaves and is totally bio-degradable.
  • Treats a wide range of weeds, including ground elder, bindweed, dandelions, nettles and couch grass. It’s also very effective on moss, weeds and grass growing in paving. It’s not recommended for control of Ivy, horsetail and Japanese Knot weed, or for treating weeds in lawns (use a lawn weedkiller like Vitax LawnClear for these).
  • Pets and kids can re-enter the treated area once it has dried.
  • For best results: Spray on a dry day, on dry leaves, and don’t spray if it’s likely to rain within 4 hours otherwise the weedkiller won’t be fully absorbed. And try to spray all of the leaves to make sure as much weedkiller as possible is absorbed.
  • 1020 ml concentrate treats up to 60sq metres of weeds.

With results this quick, you won’t want to miss out! Join the QVC team with this amazing offer on Saturday 13th April, order your pack now, click here!

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