Impatiens Busy Lizzie
March has been a busy month at QVC, we’ve had the flower filled Garden Day and we launched some new themed shows, such as Grow Eat Love, full of yummy edibles! People are starting to realise that you can get much better flavour from the fruit and veg you grow at home, and it’s sooo much better for you too!
Join me during April for more shows, as we get your garden set for summer. We have some brilliant offers coming up, lots of new plants, and the usual good healthy dose of tips and tricks. See all the show dates here.

Thompson & Morgan’s Sunbelievable

The name for this plant says it all. This really is a sunflower with a difference, it doesn’t go up but it goes outwards! Multi branching plants are covered with cheerful flowers over a very very long summer period.

You guys loved to grow this one last season, and were always commenting on my social media posts and sending me pictures of the cracking displays that you had. I think this one is going to be snapped up very quickly.

Buy it now.

Richard Jackson’s Flower Power (Product of the month)

QVC gardening highlights: Flower Power plant food

There is no secret when it comes to the best flower displays these days. Everyone knows that it’s fertiliser that makes the difference. After all, plants are just like people, they could not survive on water alone. They need lots of nutrients to grow big and strong, and colourful!

Richard Jackson is only working with professional grade products, and Flower Power has now been appearing on QVC for many years now. It’s a best selling item with countless five-star reviews. The results speak for themselves, big bountiful baskets, full of vibrancy and vigour. I’m drowning in superlatives here, the same way your plants will be drowning in flowers this summer when you use Flower Power!

Buy it here.

Solithia Post Lights

QVC Gardening April 2019 highlights: Solithia post light

You may not have considered lighting in your garden before, but it really is that perfect finishing touch. It actually allows you to enjoy your garden after dark as well. Not only that, but it can also help with security for your outdoor space.

These classy lights can be used in many different ways, nestled amongst your billowing borders, lining your pathways, or peppered into your patio pots.

Buy it from QVC here.

Richard Jackson’s Weedkiller

QVC gardening highlights: Weedkiller

I know there are 101 things I would rather be doing the weeding in the garden, so why not opt for this brilliant offer on Richard Jackson’s professional grade weedkiller?

Made from all natural extracts, and starting to act within 24 hours, this could be the answer to a weed free garden, just in time for summer!

On offer during 13th April on QVC, buy here.

Sun Joe 3in1 Multi-Tool

It’s time to make some space in your shed, because you’ll be replacing 3 or more tools with this brand-new introduction! This cordless lightweight multitool from Sun Joe is for trimming your hedges, cutting down trees and shrubs, as well edging and tidying your grass!  You could get all the jobs done within an hour… now there’s a challenge!

Easy to use for everyone, this tool is lightweight and a breeze to manoeuvre, the tool heads are also easily changed, without any fiddly bits. The 5 foot telescopic pole will also help get to parts that aren’t an easy reach!

Buy it here.

De Jager’s Paeony Tulips

QVC gardening highlights: Tulip Peony

If you thought you knew tulips, you need to think again. These are big, blousy and unapologetic. Rather than a single set of fragile petals, these beauties have more than 30! The result is something that resembles a beautiful Peony.

It doesn’t stop there though, these are also fragrant, with an aroma of crushed brown sugar. Plant them densely into decorative patio containers, or into the border for full effect. With the amount of bulbs in this great value pack, you can afford to shoehorn them in as well!

Buy it here.

Fairytale Ballerina

QVC Gardening April 2019 highlights: Ballerina Pig

One of the most popular themes at QVC this season is the whimsical theme. More and more people are creating their own dreamy gardens, which gives somewhere to sit and let our minds wonder. After all, it’s good to let yourself dream a bit.

This is a lovely piece of decoration for your garden, or you may want to buy it to inspire your kids to get into the garden! It would make a great feature for a fairy garden, for example.

Coming soon to QVC.

Plants 2 Gardens ‘Colossus’ Strawberry

You know I love a novelty, and you can’t get better than this HAND SIZED strawberry! This mega fruit is actually as easy to grow as the normal sized strawberry too.

As with many of the fruit and vegetables you can grow at home, you’ll be growing types you can never buy in the shops. Strawberries are also a lower sugar fruit, which are energy giving and full of vitamin C, would you believe?! Grow in the fruit garden, on the allotment, or in chunky tubs!

Buy it now.

Hayloft Plants Re-Blooming Azalea

The best breeding improves on things we already are familiar with. So, just sit back and imagine an Azalea that bloomed longer than the usual few week period. This variety is like a ”bloomerang” (get it??), it just keeps coming back!

This Azalea performs as normal in the spring, and then later in the season, during cooler periods of the summer, it will bloom again. It will also do the same during autumn. You have a choice of wonderful colours too, including a very, very nice double, which is my pick of the crop!

Get yours here.

Thompson & Morgan’s Busy Lizzie ‘Wild Romance’

You will probably have heard of Busy Lizzies, but you won’t have seen one with a flower like a lovely rose. This new breeding is set for a bright future. A cracking patio, bedding or border plant, with an exotic appearance and carefree growth attitude.

Unlike some of the Busy Lizzies of old, this is disease proof, vigorous, and long flowering. From the New Guinea strain, this is happy in sun or shade, and will give plenty of those lovely soft white roses all summer. Your gardening friends would never guess it’s a Busy Lizzie, unless they watch QVC of course!

Buy it now.

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