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Not only will this Easter provide a chance for us to indulge in some chocolate eggs – it also coincides with a huge  event on QVC all about transforming your garden for spring and summer!

Now that the weather has picked up and we’re finally seeing temperatures into the twenties, it’s the perfect time to don your gloves and get out into the garden for some one on one time with your greenery. QVC is with you each step of the way, suggesting amazing plants, tools, decor and other products to help make your garden the best it can be.

With shows every day of the Easter holiday period, we will get you gardening, even if you’ve never picked up a spade before!

All show dates can be found here, and here are the highlights of the weekend:

Grow Your Garden

All day Monday 22nd April

Enjoy an entire day with our guests and presenters, who will be discussing great tips and products to make the most of your outdoor space as part of our Grow your Garden event. There will be plenty of customer interaction too, so make sure you like my Facebook page here!

Urban Jungle

Monday, 22nd April at 3pm

Tune in for an inspirational hour of outdoor living accents. Whatever your style, QVC will bring you the trends of the season and a range of garden plants and decorations to enhance your outdoor area. Can’t wait for this one!


Grow Eat Love

Monday, 22nd April at 2pm

Join me as I talk hardy exotic fruits, tomatoes, chillies and so much more. Plus get some tips on what, how and where to grow, so that you can achieve all year round crops.


I’m super excited about all of this, and I hope you are too! Here’s a sneak peek at the products you can expect to see during the Easter weekend:

Busy Lizzie ‘Wild Romance’

A Thompson and Morgan exclusive – the latest disease resistant New Guinea Busy Lizzie, with the most exquisite, pale-pink, rosebud blooms. Flowering freely from May to October, Busy Lizzie ‘Wild Romance’ guarantees an extraordinary garden performance. Its fully double blooms contrast perfectly with the dark green foliage, making an elegant display in containers, beds and borders.

Comes complete with 2 patio large patio pots and 25 litres of Incredicompost with 100g of Incredibloom. You’ll have everything you need to create an instant display in your garden.

Buy yours now

Tulip Banana Ice Cream

‘Banana Ice Cream’ is a brand new tulip that will serve up a frenzy of curiosity in your pots and borders next spring. As the buds begin to open they take on a conical shape, the outer strawberry and green petals forming the cone that’s filled with a froth of banana-yellow and white petals.

Prosecco Grape Vine

Prosecco Grape Vine

Make your own delicious Prosecco. This is a self-fertile grape variety producing delicious white grapes – perfect for a summer drink in your garden after a long day’s work!

Gnome table

This table features a detailed sitting gnome design with a flat surface on the top. Add this fun table to your patio or garden to give it a bit of character. Use it as a stand-alone piece or to hold your flower pots for a quirky finishing touch to your outdoor space.

Duck family water fountain

Duck family water fountain

This solar-powered water fountain from Smart Solar features small statues of a family of ducks on the main plate with water falling from the umbrella design, plus two integrated solar panels so you can enjoy the piece anywhere in your garden without wiring. Add some fun to your family home with this sweet feature, sure to keep the kids entertained.

Cowboy Cactus

Cowboy Cactus

This Cowboy Cactus in a pot from Hayloft Plants is an upright house plant variety native to South Africa, with thick thorny green stems and yellow-green flowers with red markings that bloom from July to August. Place this attractive cactus on a windowsill, table, desk or shelf to add texture and greenery to your home, and enjoy the pop of colour that the bright flowers bring to the plant over the summer months.

Echinacea Pretty Flamingo


This three-piece Echinacea Pretty Flamingo set from Hayloft Plants are an outstanding garden performer, which produces an abundance of flowers in shades of deep pink, like a flamingo’s feathers, with a dark rose centre. Brighten up your outside space, illuminate your borders and attract butterflies and bees with this beautiful trio from Hayloft Plants.

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