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If you’re in need of inspiration for your garden, QVC’s Enjoy Your Garden extravaganza is where to find it!

Taking place on Saturday 11th May 2019, you can find everything you need to get your garden in gear for a relaxing early summer – from fetching new plants to beautiful decor and furniture.

How the Enjoy Your Garden event can help you

If you put a lot of effort into your garden, it often becomes the case that you spend less time purely enjoying it. You’ll always see a twig out of place here, or an empty border spot which needs filling there. But this event encourages you to put that trowel down and take a moment to enjoy your garden (however fleeting!).

This event comes just before Garden Day, a national event which promotes mental wellbeing through plants and outdoor spaces. Why not make your outdoor space somewhere where you can relax and take your mind off your daily routine, whether that means entertaining guests or doing a spot of yoga?

Sure, you’ll have probably done all that valuable spring prep, so you’ll now be looking for the finishing touches.

Perhaps you would like to invite your friends or family round for a BBQ, but your patio furniture is looking tired. Or maybe you want to have the best front garden on the street, but you don’t quite know how to get the edge on your neighbours!

Tune into the Enjoy Your Garden event, and we’ll give you plenty ideas on how you could transform your spaces with simple, elegant touches and instant planting options.

Let’s look at what’s in store…

1. Today’s Special Offer (TSV)

The QVC ‘Today’s Special Offer’ is a beautiful set of outdoor lighting which totally trumps that security lamp you’ve put up with for the last ten years!

The Luxform Lampposts bring a touch of townhouse elegance to any garden. You could just picture them outside those pretty London houses in Notting Hill. However, you don’t even have to live in urban area for these to suit your style. They can easily fit in with a suburban home or country cottage.

Place them outside your entranceways to illuminate paths, create a beautiful evening glow in a seating area in your garden, or use them as security lighting. These work great for garden parties, too – encourage your guests to gather in different parts of your garden using these lights, so that they don’t all congregate in one place!

The lamps operate on solar energy, which makes them eco friendly AND easy to move around your garden. Place them in a sunny area to charge up the batteries, and they’ll automatically provide plenty of light for hours come evening.

2. The 9am gardening show

Set an alarm for our 9am gardening show, which will be the flagship show of the day! If you’re a frequent viewer, you’ll know that this is our regular slot – so we’re very excited to put this special twist on the show.

We’ll be able to show you an exciting range of products during this show to give you plenty of inspiration for your garden. These will range from stunning Tulips with bright summer colourings, to an exotic elephant water feature!

Here’s a few of the products you can look out for on the day:

3. The Urban Jungle Show with Erica Davies

Fresh from her launch on QVC this week, I am pairing up with Erica Davies for her first Urban Jungle Show!

Erica is an influencer with great style and an avid following of over 134k on Instagram! She’s an ex-Fashion Editor and a Stylist – so you can guarantee she has an axcellent eye for garden decor trends.

Her range for QVC has lots of references to the tropical trend, and the pieces mix and match so well! From soft furnishings to hanging planters (which have become so popular recently) there are lots of items in this collection which you’ll have your eye on!

Just check out the beaut blue tones and eye catching patterns in the photos below…

4. Watch & Win

Watch & Win is back for this special event! Tune into the show, and you could win your favourite item! So if you like what you see here, keep a note and make sure you watch the show in order to win it for your own garden.

Find out everything you need to do for Watch & Win here.

What are you most looking forward to during this event? Let me know in the comments section below!

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