QVC May 2019 highlights

Hydrangea Rembrandt

Hydrangea Rembrandt

Named Rembrandt as, every three weeks, the colour-changing blooms begin to miraculously transform – just like an artists palette. Bred for their compact size and robust anti-snap stems, the flowers are small but they arrive en masse and smother the entire canopy throughout summer and into autumn. The new Hydrangea series has taken 13 years to perfect and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Very versatile, the plants will even thrive in full shade.

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Bernini fountain

Add a touch of tranquility to your garden with these water features from Bernini. Each has two tiers with a figurine on top; however, the figurine differs depending on your choice. One depicts two intertwining fish, the next a mermaid, and finally a trio of seahorses.

Place this anywhere in your garden and listen to the calming sounds of trickling water while you relax!

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Anisodontea elegans Princess

The Hollyhock like flowers of the Anisodontea elegans Princess completely cover the semi-evergreen foliage through the summer months. You’ll be treated to an abundance of veined, purple-pink trumpet-shaped flowers!

The Cape Mallow is a half hardy perennial that grows really well in patio containers and even in sheltered flower bed. It has a high nectar content, which attracts bees and butterflies and can be trained and grown into a patio standard.

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Clematis Little Lemons

Clematis Little Lemons is a brand new type of Clematis for 2019 selected for its extraordinary dwarf habit and long flowering period. It features nodding bell-shaped yellow flowers and the terminal flowers are followed by glossy seed heads. It gives great performance when pot grown and will display a fantastic dome of radiant colour in a hanging basket!

This bee friendly arrangement gives the benefit of a compact and neat display, as well as hardiness up to -30° Celsius.

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Patio Pond Kit

Be inspired to create your own mini water garden! Inject some life and excitement with a patio pond – it’s easy, just add water to this complete kit. It includes complementary plants that will add style to your display, with very little maintenance required.

These healthy and quality bare root plants ready to establish and flourish in your own garden:

  • Acorus calamus variegata (Variegated Sweet Flag) An attractive herbaceous perennial forming a tuft of gracefully arching, narrow, sword-shaped leaves with creamy-white and green stripes
  • Iris pseudacorus (Flag Iris) Sulphur yellow flowers during July and August, often with brown markings atop upright grey-green leaves
  • Pontederia cordata (Pickerel weed) Large, lustrous leaves with closely packed blue flower spikes July to September

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Luxform Lamppost

Illuminate your entranceways and walkways with these classic-style lamp posts!

These practical and attractive lights operate on modern solar technique: Just place the lamp posts on a sunny spot in your garden, on your terrace or patio. This makes the batteries charge during the daytime, to give hours of light during the evening.

The lanterns on these lamp posts come with two clear lenses, in which the light shines both upwards and downwards. Due to the built-in light sensor, these lights will automatically switch on in the evening. The lamps also have an on-off switch.

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