Water fountain with fish

Have you ever considered a fountain? Perhaps you’ve been put off by the thought of installing electrics, rerouting the water source..? It all appears a bit complex at first glance- but wait, there’s another option.

You can install your own gloriously Italianate feature fountain, without any wiring, outdoor plugs or water source’ The only water you need to add to the fountain is one buckets worth, for it’s whole lifetime..

This is starting to sound more attractive a proposition than digging a hole for a pond already.. Especially if you’ve been itching to feel the calm of water in your outdoor space, or you’ve been wanting to attract wildlife with a watery spot..

Here’s why a fountain trumps a pond every time…

No need for any digging

Water fountain with fish

When I was a kid, I remember bugging my dad to install a pond for me. He eventually gave in, and sunk a clumsy butyl liner into a hastily dug hole. It soon sprung a leak and my pond dreams were no more..

A patio fountain sits above ground level, so there’s no structural garden remoulding needed. It’s basically plug and play!

No need for any plumbing

Water fountain with mermaid

If you were looking to install a fountain into your pond, you’d have to get quite wet! Once you’ve gone to the trouble of digging out your new pond, you then need to consider how you’ll add a fountain..

With a ready made, all-in-one fountain, you don’t need to do any such planning!

Plug and play convenience

A garden pond can’t necessarily be by the back door, and if it was you might fall into it! If you want to have that relaxed water sound by your favourite sitting spot outdoors, that could usually take some careful planning..

A patio fountain brings a fancy feature to wherever you want it, which could be right by the back door, in the front garden (for requisite showing off), or even in a conservatory. It’ll go anywhere a pond can’t….!

No cleaning

Water fountain with seashorses

Ponds are great, but they contain their own micro environment, and maintenance WILL be required from time to time..

A fountain is a self-contained unit, which simply recycles its own water source. The materials of the fountain are also in fact not real stone, but stone effect. This also reduces maintenance.

Safety aspects

Water fountain with mermaid

If you’re looking to attract more wildlife to your garden, you may be considering a pond. With that comes a range of risks, from children falling in to pets paddling where they shouldn’t..

A fountain on the patio is 100% safe, there’s no risk of tripping or drowning, and you’ll soon be enjoying a wildlife bounty as birds visit for a daily bath. You’ll also find that insects such as dragonflies will soon be hovering around your centrepiece!

If you’ve got a taste for water, but no space for a pond, a patio fountain could be for you!

We are launching a brand new “Enchanted Waters” range of fountains on QVC on Thursday 16th May~ they are cordless, pipeless and come with a range of different finials. A lovely decorative piece for your outdoor space, they also comes with 4 different dancing water attachments.

No solar power required, so works day and night. Furthermore, charge up the battery overnight to be assured of 40 hours of power for your fountain!

Find out more about the product HERE


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