Thompson & Morgan Bay Tree Standard Pair

Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy your garden. That’s why all of the offers we have during June give instant pleasure. From larger size plants to handy tools and pretty decorative items…

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Hayloft Plants Rose Renaissance

Hayloft Rose Renaissance

Now, I travel a lot and see many roses. However, most modern Roses are selected for disease tolerance, cut flower ability, and colour. Very often, creating all of that means one thing has to go. In many cases it is fragrance. This is a crime!

The new Renaissance Roses were bred in Denmark, actually for the royal family originally. They have the very best heritage, they are strong plants, with buxom blooms in clear colours. But best of all, they each have a deliciously fruity fragrance. A manageable, compact growth habit means I’ve nicknamed them the “urban rose” too. Plants won’t become old and gnarly over time, they will stay as neat and tidy as any patio plants. Long flowering performance, and so many flowers you’ll have enough to cut some for indoors too!

Buy it here for £32.

Yardforce Cordless Mower

Mowing the lawn is another job that we tend to put off, and then when we get back outside we find we have a jungle! It would be so much easier if mowing was more convenient…

Well, we have just the mower for you! This new model is cordless and lightweight. The task of mowing the lawn will become as easy as just grabbing the hoover out of the cupboard and vacuuming the lounge. By trimming your lawn at least every five days you can encourage a much healthier and happier lawn too. It will also be remarkably more drought tolerant. Why not give it a go!

Buy it here for £160.

Plants2Gardens Autumn Berries Collection

It’s always much easier to plan your summer garden, but do you ever make provision for how it looks in the autumn? Here is a new collection of Violas and Pansies. But it doesn’t end there, you also receive Tulip bulbs. This collection is designed to flower through the cooler months of the year, and those Pansies and Violas will be joined by the Tulips come spring.

Buy the collection here for £30.

Worx Hydroshot Cordless Pressure Cleaner

Cordless Pressure Washer


Cleaning is always a chore, no matter how much you enjoy it. But how about using a tool that makes it a pleasure? The entirely portable Hydroshot Worx is the answer to your preening needs.

You can use it with any water source, or even the collapsible bucket that is provided with the kit. Furthermore, there is an attachment that means you can use it with any drinks bottle. Once you start cleaning, you won’t be able to stop!

Buy it here for £150.

Snow Joe Weeder Cultivator

Digging is the least attractive job in the garden. We know it’s good for you, but not everybody has that sort of mobility. How about a motorised and portable digger!? This fantastic new tool will turn over the soil for you, weeding as it goes, and can also be used to incorporate fresh compost or natural fertilisers.

Buy it here for £111.

Richard Jackson’s Fragrant Pink Evergreen Jasmine

Richard Jackson Fragrant Pink Evergreen Jasmine

One of the most underrated climbing plants for your garden is Trachelospermum – the Tuscan Jasmine. The new Pink Showers variety is really really divine, with a fragrance of Jasmine and a sugary pink shade.

In fact, when you compare it to real Jasmine, there are SO many benefits. The Tuscan Jasmine is evergreen, and has lovely ruby red autumn foliage. The flowers are also produced in panicles, and overall it is a much tidier plant. It definitely gets my vote!

Buy here from QVC.

Plants2Gardens Golden Bamboo

Plants2Gardens 1 x Bamboo in 10 litre Pot

Bamboo. It’s a great plant, but has unfortunately got a bad reputation for itself over the last few years. That’s why you need to look at clump forming bamboo, rather than types that spread. This new bamboo is upright, and features the most dazzling golden stems.

It is a terribly choice plant, and available in a super large size too. That way, you can get a head start on the screening in your garden. An excellent choice for mindful garden designs too.

Buy it here for £49.99.

Thompson & Morgan Corydalis Porcelain Blue

Thompson & Morgan Corydalis Porcelain Blue Plug Plants 3 & Grey Planter x 3

It’s always fun to grow at least one thing that is different in your garden each year. For me, I have always been totally in love with blue flowered plants. I have a yearning to grow a Meconosis (blue poppy) one day. However, they are little bit tricky..

However, the new Porcelain Blue Corydalis is much much easier to grow. It’s incredibly long flowering, and gives a very very different colour to mix into your patio pots and borders. The Marigolds will be terribly shocked!

Get it here for £18.99.

Thompson & Morgan Bay Trees

Bay Trees are a touch of elegance for your patio. They look very high class and have rapidly become a must have. But don’t forget you can use them in the border too. I like to see standard Bay Trees nestled amongst a long wide border, or even used as centrepieces for bedding plant schemes.

Buy here for £79.98.

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