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QVC is filled to the brim with so many useful and unique products, whether you’re looking for beautiful jewellery for your other half or a new camera to feed your photography hobbie. It’s also the perfect platform for finding something fabulous for your garden!

In QVC’s gardening section, you can peruse plants, tools, decor and much more from the comfort of your desktop or phone – or shop via the TV channel (find out all the dates for my QVC shows here).

You’ll also find plenty of items that you didn’t know you could buy from QVC. And to prove my point, I’ve picked out 10 of my favourite!

1. Feijoa Hardy Shrub

Feijoa Hardy

If you’re a fan of exotic looking plants, then you won’t want to miss this one. This is the Pineapple Guava. It makes a really really handsome plant, and is hardly in the UK.

Fingers crossed for a nice warm summer and you may even get some of the tasty, very fragrant fruits. However, even if you don’t, the silver foliage is worth it alone, then you have those very fancy EDIBLE flowers.

Buy it here.

2. Giant Echeveria


What a monster of an Echeveria! It’s the largest I’ve seen in the marketplace, and it’s come ay the right time, as succulents reach stratospheric popularity levels! This actual clone was founded in a garden in Hampshire and also proves to be super hardy!

Excellent choice for dry gardens, and yes you heard that right, gardens you don’t have to water!!

Buy it here.

3. Ruby red bamboo


Bamboo isn’t always green – for something really different why not try this ruby red form!! Less invasive than its green relative, you can grow Asian Wonder in containers or small gardens. Aren’t those stems lustrous?! Get that privacy you’ve always longed for in your outdoor space!

Get it here on QVC.

4. Bunny Ears Cactus

Bunny Ears Cactus

Did you know that QVC are even selling houseplants, and in particular have some amazing cactus. There is no better impact than from a Bunny Ears Cactus!

Delivered to your door in safe, secure packaging. It’s a little bit easier than getting it home from the garden centre.

Buy it here.

5. Hori Knife

Hori Knife

One of Japan’s top gardening tools for many years, the Hori Knife has a myriad of uses. It is the essential, super tough tool to have by your side when gardening.

This humble looking tool can do everything from slicing and cutting to digging and forking. Strap it to your belt and get gardening!

Buy it here.

6. Garden Gear Weed Burner

Weed burner

Removing weeds by hand can take a lot of time, likewise professional weedkillers can’t destroy all types of weed that appears in our gardens. Some can be persistent thugs!

Now you have a new option for burning the weeds out of the soil in your outdoor space..

Buy it here.

7. Indoor Houseplant Watering System

Watering system for houseplants

Okay, what puts you off growing plants the most? It’s the confusing of watering isn’t it! This brilliant device means that you can water your plants efficiently and effectively, never overwatering never under watering..

Buy it here.

8. Jelly Fish Windchime

Jenlly Fish Windchime

I love some of the fun gardening decorative items that QVC have. They are great for adding a little piece of personality to your garden. Very often they are artisan crafted products too.

This Jellyfish Winchime has oodles of personality, and could be used indoors or outdoors. I’m loving the colours aswell.

Buy it here.

9. Yoga Gnome

Yoga Gnome

If you thought that all gnomes were colourful and glossy, then you need to think again. This stone effect gnome is bang up to date. I love his yoga pose too!

If you’re a gnome collector, then you won’t be able to resist this one!

Buy it here.

10. Refillable Water Balloons

Refillable water balloons

Oh yes, it’s great to have fun in the garden too. Whether you’ve got kids, or you’re just a big kid yourself, these water balloons will be just the ticket for a summer outdoors!

Buy them here.


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