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Happy July! We’re mid-way through summer and although the longest day of the year has been and gone, there’s still lots of time to enjoy the sunny days and warm evenings, whether that’s with friends at a BBQ with your new bistro set or when you’re planting a beautifully fragrant climbing Jasmine – both can be found below, as well as more exciting QVC items!

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Rake Broom

Rake Broom

A rake and broom rolled into one – what could be easier when it comes to clearing your garden! Rake up debris from beds, borders and lawns, and sweep up smaller debris from your patio, decking or driveway. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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Rotating Lantern

Savour summer evenings – even if you get home late- with this solar-powered rotating lantern, which features eight rotating LEDs and a special that creates pretty light patterns. Place it in a sunny location to charge, and enjoy the light come evening. Party never stops!

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Swivel Bistro Set

Bistro Set

This ‘Miami Bistro Set’ features super comfy swivel chairs, which are not only perfect for resting in between gardening jobs, but also a stylish addition to your garden! Pretty cool appearance, your neighbours will soon be popping round for a sugar top-up, no doubt!

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Ranunculus Butterfly

This five piece collection is bred for its cut flower potential. The beautiful tissue paper flowers are produced from May to the end of July, and boast long stems which are perfect for vases. You’ll get around 12 to 15 stems per plant, and each stem produces around seven to 12 flowers. It’s the first time it’s available to home gardeners, and a welcome change from the big bolshy double forms!

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Hydrangea Skyfall

These extra large flowers fill your garden with beauty. You’ll marvel at their size! They’re also colour changing, kaleidoscoping from green, to white, to pink! They’ll look ravishing on your patio as well as your borders. They even look good when they’re brown in the autumn too, haha!

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Diervilla Honeybee

Not only will these attract cute and friendly honeybees to your garden, but the colour-changing foliage will bring you joy throughout the year. They almost glow in the dark! Tough and tolerant, the Diervilla Honeybee is a new shrub to the market, and is ideal for your patio or your borders.

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Swivel Nozzle and Sprinkler

Swivel nozzle and sprinkler

This two in one design is handy and efficient. Use it as a watering tool for your garden, but that’s not all, you can also transform it into a 180 degree pivoting head sprinkler by opening the wings at the sides. Ingenious!

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Pink Evergreen Jasmine

Fragrant pink evergreen Jasmine

Who doesn’t love Jasmine? This fragrant pink blooms of this Trachelospermum look beautiful all year round! Plant in full sun or partial shade and enjoy this climbing plant as a pretty highlight in your garden, with a sexy scent, better than Chanel No 5 (probably..)

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Pull Cord Lights

Pull cord lights

Believe me when I say that pull cord lights are super handy – you can hang them almost anywhere! With a lightbulb design, metre long cord and remote control function, these three water resistant lights are indoor and outdoor friendly. They also have a surprise for you after dark…

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