We are gearing up for a fresh and new 2020 season with QVC and hope you’ll be joining us! Throughout the year, I’ve been out and about with the buying team, hunting down some super cool new plants, and discussing new garden decorative items, handy tools and many other gardening solutions.

Starting on Saturday 4th January at 9am, we will be your garden helpers for 2020… it’ll almost be as if I’m in the garden with you! Tune into QVC for tips, tricks and advice, as we guide you through our offerings. It’s more than just a televised garden centre though. We don’t just demonstrate the items, we also give hints and advice, and our customers can get involved too. Watch out for a few changes in 2020 too. All upcoming show dates can be found here.

When you tune in to ‘Michael’s Garden’, you can be assured of carefully chosen products, and an increase in editorial, as we answer your gardening questions, show your plants and flowers (simply use the hashtag #MyQVCFind to start taking part) and get your input in the plants we source for the future!

In 2019, we also launched a new series of themed shows, and you guys loved them! Particular favourites were ‘The Mindful Garden’, with a focus on mental health and wellbeing, and ‘Urban Jungle’, with a range of easy exotics, and tips on how to grow them in the best way. For 2020, we have new shows such as ‘Desert Sunset’ and ‘Sunset Paradise’, with curated collections to help you get the right look for your garden! I’m sure you’ll also find plenty of flowers in the new Pantone Colour too – find out more about that special shade here.

QVC Urban JungleQVC WhimsicalQVC AlfrescoQVC Mindfulness

The fun isn’t only on air though, we have been busy working on a range of videos for the website too, and you’ll find some of these on my own YouTube channel under the ‘QVC Gardening School’ playlist. There’s also monthly gardening tips, shortcuts and hacks here on the website- you’ll be a professional in next to no time!

YouTube channel December 2019


You may have noticed that QVC have launched a range of very cool houseplants! I’ve also worked with them to film how-to videos for each of them too. Not only are the plants super cool, but so are the pots they come in! Browse the range now.


So, how about a video of the items to look out for during 2020??
Oh yes, I’ve made one for you!

Welcome to the 2020 QVC Gardening Premiere – make a cup of something lovely, sit back and enjoy!

Please note that some items are very new and may not be online yet…. as they become available, we will add the links to buy them. You’ll always be the first to know!


And here’s the selection as a photo gallery!


Climbing Geraniums

Blue Hardy Orchids

Plants 2 Gardens


GranVia Everlasting Flower

Thompson & Morgan

Bunny Ears Viola

Hardy Calceolaria

Mont Rose

Tropical Nemesia

Giant Busy Lizzies

Richard Jackson’s Garden

Colour Changing Marguerites

High Energy Premium Bird Food


Colour Table Lights: https://www.qvcuk.com/Luxform-Set-of-2-Colour-Table-Lights.product.518146.html?sc=SRCH

Colour Changing Solar Lanterns: https://www.qvcuk.com/Luxform-Set-of-3-Colour-Changing-Solar-Lanterns.product.517757.html?sc=SRCH

Home 2 Garden

Outdoor Lamp

Colour Changing Planter

Jellyfish: https://www.qvcuk.com/Home2Garden-Hand-Blown-Glass-Jelly-Fish-Windchime-w-LED-Light.product.518010.html?sc=SRCH

Frog Statue


Outdoor Living Kit: https://www.qvcuk.com/Ooni-Koda-Gas-Powered-Outdoor-Pizza-Oven-with-2-Pizza-Peels.product.519455.html?sc=SRCH


New Horizon All Plant Compost Peat Free

Smart Patch Lawn Kit


Hand Shears



Pink Table and Chair Set

Hanging Chair

Garden Gear

Stainless Steel Easy Hose

Weed Burner

Wildlife World

Shenstone Bird Bath

Ceramic Robin Feeder


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  • Tunde Toth

    Good morning, Is your QVC Watch and Win giveaway is still live? Just asking because the page haven`t been updated recently… Enjoyed the show today. Thank you.

    January 11, 2020

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