We may have weathered a couple of storms this month (ahem, Ciara and Dennis), but with all the goodies on QVC in the next few weeks, we’ll all be thankful when the sun finally pops its head out from behind the clouds! As the chances of frost clear and Daffodils spring forth from the ground, we look at refreshing our gardens and getting our borders, beds, pots and lawns ready for a magical spring.

QVC have some fantastic products to help quickly clear away any dingy remnants of winter, including a brilliant lichen and algae remover, and a powerful pressure cleaner. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for expert-made plant food to capitalise on growing season and a special lawn care package to help bring life back to your lawn.

Read on for a preview of what’s to come this month!

Innovate new shovel design

Wonder Shovel

This innovative new shovel is lightweight, but durable! It features a v-shape face with a cutting blade on one side and rip-saw teeth on the other – perfect for cutting through soil and weeds, lifting out plants and raking up debris.

Buy it here.

All-round premium plant food

Richard Jackson Plant Food and Container Magic

What a duo! This pairing features a 2.4kg tub of Flower Power premium plant food, created to give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive, plus a 250g pouch of Container Magic to help grow bigger and better summer pots and baskets with less effort. The set contains key nutrients, as well as seaweed extracts for bio-stimulant growth, extra-high levels of potash and a wetting agent to help all those nutrients reach the roots.

You can get this set on auto delivery or purchase as a one-off. Buy it here.

Guaranteed lawn growth

Westland Smart Lawn Seed

Westland are so sure about their lawn seed recipe, that they guarantee growth with this product if it’s used according to the pack instructions! This month, QVC are offering a package which includes Sure Smart Seed, PLUS Smart Patch, which repairs any localised patches.

Buy it on QVC soon!

Food for peckish birds

Peckish suet balls

With this set, not only will you get some delicious Peckish Extra Goodness Suet Balls, but you’ll also get a feeder to put them in! These fantastic suet balls are made with high quality beef tallow with a high inclusion of peanuts and black sunflower seeds to give wild birds the essential energy they need all year round.

Buy it on QVC soon!

Seriously easy mould, lichen and algae remover

Rapid Action

Tackle unsightly mould, lichen and algae with this powerful solution, and leave your exteriors looking super clean, ready for spring! The 2L bottle of Rapid Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae Remover from Wet & Forget can cover up to 200 square metresm plus it features a sniper nozzle to help you target stubborn areas.

Buy it here.

Gardening-brightening Granvias

Need to brighten up your beds? This collection of six Granvia bracteantha features blooms with large, non-scented gold tone petals that open by day and close at night. They’re easy to care for, mildew-resistant and boast an extra-long flowering period. These versatile blooms will add an effortless touch of colour to your garden display!

Buy them here.

Enticing Calceolaria calynopsis

You’ll adore these fanciful flowers to no end this spring! This Calceolaria calynopsis collection features several different colours, which can be planted separately in patio pots or altogether in a stunning border arrangement. You’ll get colour throughout the spring, and foliage all year!

Buy it on advance order here.

Protect your wood garden furniture



You’ll have endless use of this handy Frogsuit Wood Protector duo. It works to prevent wood from peeling or flaking, making the maintenance of your wood and furniture much easier. No longer will you have to put in the effort of sanding and repainting – simply use this excellent protection spray!

Buy it here.

Powerful outdoor cleaning

This Yard Force cordless, hand-held pressure cleaner has a maximum of 160 litre flow rate per hour, which is ideal for cutting through stubborn dirt and grime! It recharges in just one hour, and features an adjustable nozzle for really precise cleaning.

Buy it here.

Want to see more about these items? Tune into QVC to watch demonstrations and more! You can also find all of the dates for upcoming episodes of my show, Michael Perry’s Garden, here.

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