March is here! Spring is so close that you can taste it, and although there have been heavy winds and a bit of snowfall here and there, most of us have experienced a relatively mild winter. Hands up if you’ve already started prepping for the day when you can finally enjoy a cuppa in the garden without being swept back inside by a strong breeze!

With warmer weather on the brain, could it be time to start thinking about refreshing your garden furniture? QVC have some gorgeous garden furniture finds to give your yard a facelift. Plus, quirky accessories, voluptuous trees for landscaping and fabulous flowers in all those pretty spring pastel colours. If you want to get ahead of your garden design game, QVC’s Garden Day takes place on March 14th 2020 and will feature garden tools, furniture, decor and plants, as well as tips, advice and special offers! Find out more about Garden Day and get a sneak peek of what’s available in this post. You can even take a fun little personality quiz to determine your perfect garden style here!

Read on for your monthly preview of what’s to come on QVC!

Delphinium ‘Highlander’ bare roots

I’ve talked before about the benefits of buying bare root plants, and these Delphinium Highlanders are no exception! These hardy perennials feature insatiable triple rosettes on strong stems – ideal if you want to use them as cut flowers inside your home!

Come summer, your garden will benefit from a very floriferous display of white and indigo blooms. Deadhead regularly to encourage even more flowering!

Buy them here.

Decorative fire pit

The excitement of spring and summer garden parties is in the air – but what do you do when the evening draws in and your guests start to get cold? Roll out this beautiful fire pit, of course!

Decorated with a cut-out floral design, the light from your fire will create patterns across your garden while your guests warm up.

Buy it here.

Surfinia ‘Hot Heart’

Want an abundant floral display without the maintenance? Surfinia Hot Heart is the plant for you. It’s fast-growing, self-cleaning, weather tolerant and highly floriferous with colourful blooms. What’s not to love?

These two varieties will brighten up your space from summer through to autumn, attracting plenty of pollinators too!

Buy them here.

Geranium ‘Tornado’ mix

Geranium Tornado

Continuing with the white, pink and red theme, this Geranium Tornado mix is perfect for summer colour. Thanks to the mix of two varieties, the Tornado is suitable for full sun or shade and its long-lasting flowers are very happy living in containers and hanging baskets.

Looking for a filler for your border? These Geraniums work for borders too, thanks to their large flowers!

Buy them here.

Dahlia Labella ‘Maggiore’

With this stunning Dahlia collection, you get the benefit of colourful, voluminous flowers with strong and sturdy stems that don’t need staking! If you’re a fan of Dahlias for landscaping, container gardening or for growing as cut flowers, I highly recommend this fantastic collection. In fact, I’ve written a whole blog post about it here.

These Dahlias are coming soon to QVC.


Want to see more of these items? Tune into QVC to watch demonstrations and more! You can also find all of the dates for upcoming episodes of my show, Michael Perry’s Garden, here.


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