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We’re well into the new decade now, but is your garden still looking like it’s needing a refresh? Don’t fret. It doesn’t take much time or money to spruce up a garden – just a bit of inspiration!

Where do you get inspiration from for your garden? Maybe it’s from magazines, social media or even your favourite TV series. But what’s inconvenient about all of these is that, yes, the inspiration may be there, but then you have to go off and find those inspiring products yourself! With QVC’s Garden Day, not only will you be inspired to make the most of your garden this spring, you’ll also be able to purchase everything you see on the day – with special offers too!

But if you do need some help with the more technical side of gardening, QVC and I have put together some videos on how to create a space that is both personalised and practical. Find them below:

When is Garden Day?

Garden Day takes place across 24 hours on QVC UK on 14th March 2020. This day isn’t like any other, however. You’ll be treated to plenty of offers including easy pay options, ‘crazy easy pays’, and one time only prices. If you’re hoping to bag a bargain, this is the place to be!

There will be lots of new products scattered throughout the day, so to give you a head-start on deciding what to buy, I’ve created a list of my favourite Garden Day products that will be on sale during this extraordinary event, below. Watch out particularly for the special new plants in our 10pm show hour.

What is Garden Day?

QVC’s Garden Day is a prime opportunity to unleash your inner garden designer. Choose from QVC’s brand new garden design themes for the upcoming season. There are four to browse! Would you like to turn it into a whimsical ‘Fairytale Forest’? Or maybe add some super chic furniture for an ‘alfresco chic’ look? You might even want to turn your yard into a homemade holiday hotspot á la ‘Desert Sunset’, or simply prep for a summer to remember with the ‘Summer Breeze’ collection. Find out your garden style using my garden personality quiz below:


Staked solar lights

Luxform solar lights

This set of ten LED solar lights from Luxform feature a transparent fragmented lampshade design that’s solar powered, so you don’t have to connect it with wires or recharge the battery yourself. Put these lights anywhere that’s sunny and watch them automatically turn on when it starts to get dark, illuminating your garden with a welcoming warm glow.

Buy it here.


Strong-stemmed Dahlias

Dahlia Labella Maggiore collection

The Dahlia Labella Maggiore from Thompson & Morgan features vibrant blooms with a compact form sat atop sturdy green stems. Perfect for cutting and displaying in your home, these hardy flowers will create a high-impact visual display in your garden year after year.

Buy it here.


Highly scented double Primulas

A selection of six highly-scented Double Primula Balerina from de Jager, a hardy perennial that blooms for 10 weeks and continues to flower all-year-round in maritime climates. These beautiful primroses will elevate your garden with lively colour.

Buy them here.


Cordless lawnmower

Powered by a 40V lithium-ion battery, this cordless lawnmower from Yard Force boasts a 34cm cutting blade, has a 35-litre collection bag, a rear roller with side and front grass combs and seven centrally-adjusted cutting heights. Go cord-free this season and enjoy the freedom this Yard Force mower gives you.

Buy it here.


Folding cocoon chair

Innovators hanging chair

A cocoon-shaped folding chair from Innovators, featuring a rattan cushion and designed to offer a light rocking motion when sitting in it. With a collapsible design for easy storage, this great chair is a must-have for your garden or conservatory.

Buy it here.


How to choose garden furniture



Glazed garden gnome

This garden gnome from Home2Garden features a lightweight, concrete-look design with a tall glazed hat and a large white beard. Ideal for placing amongst your flowers, in your vegetable patch or in front of your flower pots on the patio to guard them, this charming character will liven up your outdoor space in an instant.

Buy it here.




A self-contained garden kit from Vegepod featuring a raised gardening bed with a protective cover, plus self-watering technology that works by using a wicking system, watering the plants from below. Enjoy a greenhouse in your own garden without the threat of pests with this innovative garden kit.

Buy it here.


Delphinium Aurora

This set of five Delphinium Aurora Young Plants from de Jager come in a spectrum of blue, pink and purple shades and all boast sturdy stems with tightly-packed flowers on them. Make an eye-catching centrepiece in your garden with these stunning plants, which are perfect for cutting and bringing indoors too.

Buy it here.


Mr & Mrs Gnome Planter Set

Gnome planter set

A sweet set of stone-effect husband and wife gnome planters. Fill them with the plants of your choice and give this happy couple some hair!

Buy it here.


Solar powered mushroom lights

A trio of solar-powered mushroom garden lights from Luxform, featuring LED colour lights designed to automatically switch on at dusk. Wireless and easy to install, these fun ornaments will bring superb colour to any garden.

Buy it here.


Begonia Apricot

A gorgeous selection of 60 apricot-hued begonia garden ready plants from Thompson & Morgan, offering cascading, radiant colour with extra-large double flowering. Blooming whatever the weather, these durable begonias will add vibrant hues to any outdoor setting.

Buy it here.


Lavender collection

An English lavender selection with three different colours, this variety has lavender-scented flowers and will attract bees and butterflies to your garden. Brighten up your outdoor spaces with this gorgeous collection.

Buy it here.


Rotating lantern

This rotating lantern from Luxform is solar-powered and boasts eight rotating LEDs and a special lens that produces a fantastic light effect, as though fireflies are flying around inside. With easy maintenance and installation, simply place in any sunny spot in your garden to charge, then enjoy the pretty light show as the sun fades.

Buy it here.


Sprial plant supports

A set of three spiral plant supports from Babyllon, made from galvanised steel, that can work at any height and can be used on established multi-stem plants simply by winding the spiral head into the plant. These handy supports are great for peonies, dahlias, delphiniums, lilies and much more.

Buy it here.


Container planting guide



High energy bird food

Richard Jackson High Energy Bird Food

Developed by gardening expert Richard Jackson, this Premium High Energy Bird Food is packed with fantastic ingredients, including whole sunflower hearts, kibbled peanuts, oat hearts and oyster grit, plus new recipe suet pellets – a key high-energy ingredient much loved by birds throughout the year. Keep your feathered friends happily fed and thriving with this nutritional bag of bird food.

Buy it here.


Giant flowered lily bulbs

A collection of 12 giant flowered lilies from Richard Jackson, these bulbs will produce great blooms that can measure up to 20cm (8”) across, with a sweet fragrance that will fill your garden with perfume all summer. Perfect for beds, borders and pots, these show-stopping lilies will create a striking display.

Buy it here.


Viburnum Tinus Eve

This delightful Vibunum shrub from Plants2Gardens produces large clusters of deep pink buds that open to white, star-shaped flowers from December through to April, when they are followed by berries. With a decorative, frost-resistant planter included, you’re all set to get planting!

Buy it here.


Solar powered lamp posts

This set of two solar-powered lamp posts from Luxform feature a classic lamp post design that’s adjustable to suit your garden, with warm white solar-powered lights that automatically turn on in the evening. With their timeless design that will suit any style of garden, these lamp posts can be screwed onto a patio or terrace or stuck into grass with stakes, making them a versatile and charming addition to your outdoor space.

Buy it here.


Extendable pruner

A powerful pole pruner from Yard Force featuring a telescopic shaft extending 2.6 metres in length, tool-free chain tensioning for convenient operation and a shoulder strap. Ideal for cutting down various sized trees in the garden and accessing those hard-to-reach branches.

Buy it here.


Strawberry Sweet Colossus

These Sweet Colussus strawberry plants from Plants2Gardens are supplied as 4cm plugs that can be planted straight out into the garden, each of which will produce up to four to five large berries in the first year, with more than double this amount in subsequent years. Supplied with four stacking planters and one tray, this fantastic design allows multiple plants to be grown within the planter, taking up little space in the garden.

Buy it here.


To see all the dates for my appearances on QVC, click here.


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