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Over the past decade, there has been a clear rise in the number of people who not only garden, but who garden sustainably. Eco-gardening is a broad term which encompasses acts as small as switching to a hose with a trigger rather than using sprinklers, or even using environmentally friendly plant pots instead of plastic ones. We’ve even talked about how using vegan mulch and compost is so much better for wildlife and native plants.

Eco gardening

If you’re eager to make your gardening practices more eco-friendly, QVC have got some fantastic products which will provide solutions for some key sustainability issues. Read on and see how you can improve your eco-friendliness in the garden!

1. Seaweed fertiliser

Seaweed Extract

Seaweed really is a superfood! This amazing plant features ready-to-use nutrients including nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, and magnesium. It also contains hormones to encourage plant growth. Unlike other compost materials, such as manure, seaweed does not need to decompose before being a benefit to your garden! 

Made with 100% seaweed, this fertiliser from QVC is harmless to people, pets and the planet. It’s actually so eco-friendly that it’s been approved by the Soil Association. It encourages your plants to flourish while benefiting the environment – unlike many chemical fertilisers.  

Buy it here.

2. Pest control for aphids

Pest control for aphids and caterpillars

Just when you’ve spent all that time nurturing a plant or vegetables – boom! It’s swarming with aphids. This begs the question: how do you get rid of aphids efficiently without using a harsh chemical pesticide?

The answer is to use this natural aphid deterrent for aphids, caterpillars and whitefly. It naturally protects your plants without introducing the use of harsh chemicals to your garden. Apply every couple of weeks in spring for the product to take full effect. 

Buy it here.

3. Pest control for slugs and snails

Pest control for slugs

Slugs and snails have their benefits for gardens (did you know that their faeces are actually an excellent garden fertiliser?), but they definitely become a nuisance when they start chomping on your veg!

However, there’s a way to deter these critters naturally. Simply use this pest control from QVC to discourage slugs and snails from eating your plants, without killing them. It leaves a bitter taste in their mouths – not on your plants!

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4. Peat-free compost

Peat-free compost

As I mentioned earlier, using peat-free compost is a great way to avoid funding the destruction of natural peat bogs, where a unique collection of flora and fauna are found. 

This compost is formulated to boost the energy and growth of seedlings, containers, fruit, vegetables and herbs. It works to feed plants for up to six weeks!

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5. Root booster

Richard Jackson Root Booster

Grow stronger and healthier plants the natural way with the Root Booster found in this gardening kit by Richard Jackson.

It contains three natural ingredients used by professional gardeners to help encourage plants to grow more roots. It’s 100% natural, and one application works for the lifetime of the plant – so you’re saving yourself time and money as well as being environmentally friendly!

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6. Recyclable packaging on plug plants

Plants2Gardens plugs

If you’re not careful, you can easily get through lots of packaging when buying plants, tools and other products for your garden. Luckily, many of QVC’s plug plants come with recyclable packaging, which means that you can enjoy your favourite plants while knowing that you haven’t made a contribution to landfills.

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7. Solar powered fountain

Solar powered fountain

A solar powered fountain can have two benefits for the environment! Firstly, the fountain uses energy from the sun, rather than mains electricity, to power its mechanism. Secondly, the water from the fountain provides hydration for insects and animals – and can even act as a bird bath to help your feathered friends!

Buy it here.

So, now do you see how easy it is to switch to an eco-friendly method of gardening? All it takes are small changes – switching out one item for something greener – and you’re already making a difference to both your local ecosystem and the global one. 

Items 1, 2 and 3 are part of The Organic Gardening Catalogue Seaweed Feed & Protect Kit, which is QVC’s product of the month for April! Look out for it on QVC TV or online. 

Do you have any recommendations for methods of eco-friendly gardening? Let me know in the comments section below!

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