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April is here, and QVC is continuing to bring you plenty of light relief over the next month, as we look at inspiring gardening products for the year ahead. If you can’t get out at the moment – don’t worry! Stay in with the QVC gardening presenters. We’d be happy to keep you company.

This month, we’ve got some beautiful new plants in, including pretty Pansies and eye-catching Agapanthus. We’ve also got fantastic eco-friendly products for sustainable gardening practices! Read on to find out what’s in store.

The Organic Gardening Catalogue Seaweed Feed & Protect Kit

QVC have made eco-gardening super easy with this excellent kit, which comes with a 100% seaweed fertiliser, and natural pest control for aphids and caterpillars, and snails and slugs.

Buy it here.

Ruffled Pansy Collection

Fill your containers with the beautiful colours of these ruffled Pansies from de Jager. With their upright growth and voluminous frills, these plants arrive in 4.5cm pots, with two of each colour: Soft Lavender, Purple White Rim, Yellow, Wine & Dark Heart

Buy them here.

Agapanthus collection

Add these beautiful Agapanthus varieties to your garden for their colour, height and floral abundance. ‘Poppin’ Purple’ is a new, purple, re-blooming variety with a long flowering period. ‘Ever Sapphire’ produces fantastic, bright blue flowers in summer and are extremely easy to grow. And ‘Fireworks’ is an RHS award-winning variety with big blooms and more stems per plant.

Get them here.

Lily Roselily bulbs collection

A set of incredibly lavish double-flowered Lilies which actually resemble roses as they open! This collection includes six bulbs, comprised of two of each variety: Nowa (satin pink), Sara (deep rose-pink) and Sita (white with raspberry-red freckles). Plus, they’re pollen free, which means zero chance of staining!

Coming soon to QVC.

Richard Jackson’s Lavender ‘Phenomenal’

Lavender ‘Phenomenal’ was bred for the perfum industry, so its scent is like no other! It features strong stems, and is highly floriferous – perfect for growing in cottage gardens or in containers, and even for cut flowers.

Coming soon to QVC.

Apricot Fudge Lily bulbs

Don’t these Apricot Fudge Lilies sound delicious? These striking double lilies from de Jager feature beautifully scented rose-like petals, attracting bees and butterflies. Perfect for planting in containers, garden beds and borders, these eye-catching lilies will look beautiful in your summer garden.

Get them here.

Ratchet / Bypass Secateur Duo Set

Grumpy Gardener Secateurs

This two-piece set of secateurs from Grumpy Gardner features a pair of ratchet anvil pruners that are ideal for cutting thicker stems, plus a pair of bypass pruners that provide light snipping, perfect for finer stems. Lightweight and ergonomically-designed, keeping your garden looking in peak condition is a breeze with this dynamic duo.

Get them here.


Did you know that there are also a whole host of garden-ready plants on offer at QVC this month in this blog post, as well as a huge range of gardening tools in this blog post?

What are you looking forward to most on QVC this month? Let me know in the comments section below!

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