We’ve made it halfway through 2020 – is it time to celebrate? There are lots of changes going on with the lockdown in the UK this month, including the reopening of restaurants and cinemas. But once you’ve eaten all your favourite foods and caught up with the latest flicks, your garden will still be there waiting for you to enjoy it!

Alternatively, if you’re self-isolating – or you just prefer to stay away from the crowds – your garden is a great place to do so whilst taking advantage of the July weather.

If you’re searching for some additions to your outdoor (or indoor) space, I’ve got a few suggestions in the form of some beautiful Hydrangeas and other highly sought after plants. However, I also want to talk about the great results that QVC customers have achieved with their purchases so far this year, which you can read further down the page.

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Magical Candle’

Hydrangea Magical Candle


Love the look of Hydrangeas? I’ve written a complete guide to the heritage and popularity of Hydrangeas here, but in this post I’m talking specifically about the beauty and ease-of-care of the Garden Product of the Month Hydrangea paniculata ‘Magical Candle’.


Hydrangea Magic Candle


This plant will really make a splash in your borders – or indeed pots – with its huge, cone-shaped blooms. These spectacular flowers change from green-toned white to rich pink from July through to October. This colour changing effect is complemented by dark green foliage, which looks great in your garden all year round.

This plant loves the sun and is drought tolerant; however, it’s also cold hardy and flowers year after year. Reap the rewards of stunning Hydrangeas with little effort!

Coming soon to QVC.


Multi-flowering Club Tulips


These multi-flowering Club Tulips from de Jager will bloom several times, boasting red, pink and white and yellow-striped flowers that complement each other beautifully. Producing up to 90 flowers from 15 bulbs, this selection will provide a glorious bouquet over the spring months.

Get them here from QVC.


Royal Clematis in 2 litre pot

A fabulous set of varieties of Clematis by Plants2Gardens, boasting masses of tulip flowers that bloom from June to September. Inspired by royalty, these highly floriferous, scrambling plants will provide majestic colour to your garden, summer after summer. Choose from Princess Kate or Prince William!

Get them here from QVC.


Your QVC results

Recently, I asked you to share photos of your QVC products on social media to let me know how they’ve performed – and you shared some brilliant results! Keep connected with me here.


Love my Plants2Gardens lavender, so do the bees and butterfly. They cheer me up every day” – Terry Nock


“My Kiku-shidare-zakura was only a stick in February. This week it’s grown so much” – Elaine Everton


“Rhododendron XXL, bought from QVC a few years ago. It’s stunning in May, plus it’s got gorgeous waxy evergreen foliage” – Angela Incarnata


“The mixed garden ready collection, filled two hanging baskets” – Suzanne Collis


“I purchased Claude Shride Lillies and Persian Buttercups. One I grew from large bulbs and the other from tiny little claw-like bulbs. Even though there were some hiccups, I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome” – Hope Danvers


“Our osteospermum bought last year looking fab this year” – Audrey Sutherland


“My gorgeous runaway bride bought from qvc last year.. Coming to its first major bloom” – Sharon Mowat

Get the Hydrangea Runaway Bride here.


“Love my parasol. Best thing in this weather” – Irene Billingham

Shop garden furniture here.


Loving my solar thistle light. Thankfully I ordered through the app as it went to limited stock whilst I was ordering” – Amanda McAllister

Shop outdoor lighting here.


“Have to say I am most pleased with my bunny ear pansies this year. I’ve attached a photo – they have grown too big for the pot now really but the fragrance is gorgeous. I have them under a small window by my front door and you can smell them from inside!” – Victoria Williams


“Plants2Gardens rhododendron. The bud is a lovely deep rose which opens out to a peachy colour which then fades to a creamy yellow. When there are several flowers in different stages of opening it is stunning. Makes me very happy.” – Janice King


These were the mixed bedding plants sold by QVC – they are doing wonderfully and I love the deep pinks and purples, they look stunning” – Sharron Ann Shepherd


“Every year I always purchase de Jäger tulip bulbs not only do they give wonderful displays but they are such good quality and have never let me down” – Tracey Saunders

Shop de Jager Tulips here.


What has been your favourite QVC purchase this year? Tell me on Facebook here, or in the comments section below!


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  • Burnette Boatswain

    Hi Michael, love your newsletters and seeing you on QVC. My favourite plants that I bought from QVC are Thompson and Morgan Alstroemeria. I put them straight into the garden with a boost of Richard Jacksons plant feed and they are thriving. Beautiful and lush and already in flower. These were planted in Mid May. Great purchase!
    Keep up the good work.

    July 6, 2020

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