With plants more popular than ever this year, I went on a hunt to find the very best green garden gifts! I found some really cool stuff, have a browse and let me know what you think!


Under the Mistletoe Jumper, by Mr Plant Geek Shop, £35

Under the Mistletoe Christmas Jumper

This special Plant Geek Christmas jumper might be a little risqué for some of your more conservative family members during the festive period, but it’ll definitely get a few laughs from your friends!


Hunks Mini Planters, by Firebox, £12.99

Hunks Mini Planters

These little figurines are bound to get some attention in your plant pot! You do need to be aware that they don’t grow into full-sized boyfriends though, shame!


Personalised Grapevine Gift, by The Gluttonous Gardener, £40

Personalised Grapevine Gift

There is a great range of personalised plant gifts on this website, and the grape vine really caught my eye… or was it the glass of wine….?!


Wild Plum Tree, by The Present Tree, £35

Wild Plum Tree

What a lovely rustic gift to give someone, And it’s one that they will remember for many years to come.


Grow Your Own Weird Vegetable Patch Gift, by The Gluttonous Gardener, £30

Grow Your Own Weird Vegetable Patch Gift

Okay, you know I love the weird and wacky! This pack includes plenty of vegetables that you wouldn’t be able to find on the supermarket shelves!


Gourmet Flower Kit, by Plant Theatre, £14.99

Gourmet Flower Kit

I’m a big fan of edible flowers, and I’m really happy to see this collection. Before long, you’ll be adding blues, yellows, oranges and more to your summer green salads!


Llama Planter, by Gift Republic, £15.99

Llama Planter

Ohh, this is achingly cool. Grow cress or microgreens to create the fur, or opt for something more permanent with some “mind your own business” plans ya!


Tea Growbar, by The Gluttonous Gardener, £12

Tea Growbar

This isn’t a set of teabags, but a set of seeds to grow your own brew. A great selection, for taste, and various medicinal uses too.



Allotment Seed Marker, by GlowingGardensCrafts, £15

Allotment Seed Marker

how often have you tripped over the labels in your vegetable garden, or worse still they disappear and you plant something else on top?! Prevent that by using these gorgeous oversized allotment labels!


Grow & Make Pesto Kit, by Mr Fothergills, £9.99

Grow & Make Pesto Kit

Grow your own pesto, and quickly too! This kit includes basil seeds, which are easy to grow on the windowsill. Give it to your friend that loves Italian food, and get in their good books!


Little Miss Princess Bouquet Grow Kit, by Mr Men, £14.07

Little Miss Princess Bouquet Grow Kit

What a fantastic little set, this includes the pot, an impregnated seed disc, and a little dribble of compost. Grow your own bouquets of flowers, excellent for beginners, or children.


Peropon Drinking Animal Planter, by Firebox, £10.99

Peropon Drinking Animal Planter

Oh, this is fun, but it also makes sense too. The little strip of capillary matting, masquerading as a pink tongue, can give your plant a constant supply of water, keeping it as happy as a… panda!


Plantable Christmas Card, by Firebox, £4.99

Plantable Christmas Card

Why not make your Christmas cards garden themed as well. When you take these ones down on the twelfth night, you can plant the whole card outside, and enjoy some summer blooms!


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