Some people have trouble making resolutions. It’s quite a bit of pressure to put on yourself at the start of the year – what if you don’t achieve it? But remember that resolutions don’t have to be big, life-changing goals that are almost impossible to achieve! Why not start with something small and specific, like a gardening resolution?

To help you, I’ve rounded up resolutions from some fantastic figures in the gardening world. Let these be your inspiration for 2021!


Jez Rose

Jez Rose, Broadcaster, award-winning writer, houseplant collector, human

My new year’s resolution is to buy 3 new complimenting house plants each month to group together on shelves; on my desk; window sills; table centres and around sinks for an affordable way to instantly transform spaces in my house with maximum wellbeing benefits for a positive boost throughout 2021.


Chris Young

Chris Young, Editor of The Garden (RHS magazine)

My resolution is this. ‘Quite simply, it’s about planting a plant. No matter what activity you do outside – hosing down the patio, mowing the lawn or sorting out your containers – always find 5 minutes at the end to do something planty. Most of us have a spare plant or two lying around that needs popping in the ground. Just by finding the time to do this every time you’re outside makes such a difference; not only is planting enjoyable, but it’s rewarding too and gives you a sense of achievement. Stick with this resolution and not only will your garden thank you, but you’ll feel you’re making a real difference too.’


Matthew Hassan

Matthew Hassan, Hortipreneur

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to successfully launch an urban garden at the company I work for and continue expanding to our other offices globally. I’ve been working on this project diligently for the past 4 months and once it’s approved I’m passionately dedicated to bringing vegetation, mental health benefits, and biodiversity to the community. This is my mission in life.


Louise Midgley

Louise Midgley, Garden Writer

With little or no space left in the existing borders of my garden, I will be investing in some new large pots to grow heaps of colourful annuals. Orange Cosmos sulphureus, cornflowers, mixed Nicotiana (for the night-flying moths), jewel-coloured Zinnias (a magnet for butterflies and bees) and pot marigolds will collectively provide big, bold splashes of colour as well as food for the pollinating insects. When the flowers have gone over at the end of summer, I will collect and store their seeds and refill the pots with multi-coloured tulips, short narcissus and crocus.

I’m also trying hard to ensure there is something in flower in my garden at any given time of the year. With this in mind, I may replace some old shrubs with new specimens that flower or produce berries during the coldest months of the year. Witch hazel, Callicarpa bodinieri and a Daphne are on my shopping list.


Ellen Mary

Ellen Mary, Gardener and broadcaster

For 2021, I am going to keep my allotment shed tidy so I can actually get in the door! It suddenly became a storage shed and there are seeds, tools and gardening bits and bobs everywhere. I’ve been saying I am going to keep it tidy for ages. 2021 is the year of the tidy shed.


Dr Alexandros Satis

Dr. Alexandros Xafis, palaeontologist

My New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to stop adding new plants to my collection (unless it’s an Euphorbia platyclada). I would like to take the time to enjoy the plants I already have, take good care of them and celebrate every new leaf!


Mark Lane

Mark Lane, Broadcaster, Author and Garden Designer

Every year passes and I always think to myself why didn’t I make some garden-related new year resolutions. Well, this year I am setting myself a new goal. I want to learn a new plant (where it’s from, how it grows, root structure, how it reproduces, etc) every month. Ideally, I would like to learn a new plant every day, but my schedules and workloads just won’t allow me to do so. So, my goal is 12 new plants for 2021.


Simon Lycett

Simon Lycett, celebrity florist

My New (Horticultural!) Year Resolution is to spend at least an hour each day within my little London Garden, weeding or sowing, watering and growing, or just sitting, listening to the birds being within the weather and enjoying the benefits of being amongst plants, flowers and nature!


Advolly Richmond

Advolly Richmond, Garden Historian, radio and TV presenter

The national flower of my birth country, Zimbabwe, is Gloriosa superba or the flame lily. A while ago during a prick of childhood nostalgia I bought a packet of seeds. Therefore my new year’s resolution is to grow this glorious climber successfully as an indoor plant.


Donna Hodds

Donna Hodds, plant shop owner and plant parent

In 2021 I’m going to aim to be a better plant parent by treating my leafy houseplants to a regular dust.  I’m a bit relaxed about ensuring my houseplants are clean and dust free. I know all the benefits for having dust free plants: it will make them look great as well as help them photosynthesize efficiently. Plus – it gives a good opportunity to keep an eye on my houseplants for pests and bugs. To be fair, my resolution in general for 2021 it to keep on top of the housework. That way it never becomes a huge chore.


Tony Le-Britton

Tony Le-Britton, plant collector, advertising photographer and blogger

My planty new year’s resolution is to enjoy my plants even more and encourage others to do the same. I see plants causing so many people stress and I want to use my page to take the fear and stress out of plants. They should be enjoyable and a positive influence in your life and I’d love to see everyone getting the joy I get out of being a plant parent.

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