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When you live in the UK, you can hardly expect the weather to be perfect in January and February. With much of the country experiencing wind, rain and snow, things might be looking a bit grey at the moment – but there’s no need for your garden to mimic the weather! You can brighten up your outdoor world in an instant with five easy additions… take a look at my suggestions below.

The Ultimate Summer Colour Collection

Garden looking a little too green? It might seem like a contradiction (because of course we want our gardens to be green!) but there’s nothing to bring a smile to a gardener’s face like the colours of spring flowers!

The collection from QVC features some of the most popular and interesting spring plants – begonias, geraniums, impatiens and petunias – ready to be planted straight into your garden! Yep, that’s 48 bedding plants, all grown to the perfect size and ready to plant for an instant garden refresh.

What’s included

In this collection, you’ll receive four varieties of 5cm garden-ready plants. These gorgeous blooms can make a features out of your beds and borders, patio pots, hanging baskets or window boxes!

  • 12 x Begonia Semperflorens – non-scented flowers in a mix of colours and both green and bronze foliage
  • 12 x Geranium Palladium – non-scented flowers in a mix of colours, highly floriferous and drought-tolerant too
  • 12 x Impatiens Imara – non-scented flowers in a mix of colours, with more disease-resistance and improved garden performance
  • 12 x Petunia Double Pirouette – non-scented flowers in a mix of colours, with fully double blooms and great weather tolerance

Technical details:

  • Flowering period: May – October
  • Aspect: full sun or part shade
  • Soil: moist, well-drained
  • Mature size (h x w): 30cm x 30cm (11.8″ x 11.8″)
  • Order now to receive your order in May 2021

Buy this incredible collection here from QVC.

Living wall trellis

Update your outdoor living area with the simplest of additions! This living wall trellis is designed for outdoor use, and comes with luscious faux fern foliage to bring some extra interest to your patio, terrace, balcony and more.

It can be used to cover up bare walls, to create a divider between spaces, or create shelter and cosiness in a seating area. You can even opt for a version with lights for a magical twilight sparkle!

Buy it here from QVC.

Lamp posts

Every garden can benefit from a little bit of light, whether that’s to illuminate pathways for safety, increase security, or to highlight areas of interest!

These lampost are perfect for adding practical lighting while looking very classy. Standing at 1.3m metres tall, they’re great for general illumination, plus the new design allows even more light distribution.

Best of all, they’re eco-friendly! Being solar-powered, there are no fiddly or hazardous wires to install – and they turn on automatically when you need them to.

Buy them here from QVC.

Rabbit pot feet

Need a quirky way to prop up your plant pots? These Peter Rabbit Potty Feet are so charming, as well as being practical!

Add these below your pots to prop them up, increasing stabilisation on uneven surfaces, improving drainage and increasing air circulation. This all helps your plants to thrive, while the pot feet themselves are attractive to look at.

Tip: why not pair these with The Ultimate Summer Colour Collection, mentioned above?

Buy them here from QVC.

Bird feeders

Colourful bird feeders

Could it be time to update your bird feeders? These mini feeders come in three colours – blue, pink and purple, and are perfect for adding colour to your garden while feeding your local wildlife!

Simply add your chosen bird feed (these can hold seeds, fat balls, mealworms, and more!), and watch your feathered friends flock to their next meal.

Buy them here from QVC.

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