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The magic date, April 12th, has passed – and with that has come bustling streets, shops and hospitality venues. One tavern in Leeds had over 5,000 bookings in a month! So, if you’re struggling to book a seat at your local due to the sheer popularity, or you’re planning on staying away from the crowds for the time being, why not bring the beer garden to your back garden instead with QVC’s Garden Day (23rd April 2021)?

As spring has well and truly arrived, I trust that you’ve already planned ahead for the season! Right now, your tulips are blooming and your sweet peas are billowing in the breeze – all you need are the right garden accessories. It’s that time of year when QVC’s garden and leisure section is positively brimming with goodies, so my advice is to take advantage of the new stock and one-up the taprooms with your very own chic al fresco eating and drinking area. Here’s some inspiration to get you started…

Spring-spiration for your outdoor space

QVC Garden trellis


Faux privacy trellis

Don’t want your neighbours spying on you while you’re relaxing in your backyard? Or maybe you want to add some visual appeal and height to plainer areas? This expandable faux leaf privacy trellis is perfect for any garden, large or small! It even looks great on balconies, where privacy can often be an issue.



Covered in lifelike leaves and flowers, the trellis is constructed from lightweight, shock-resistant willow wood and is pinned in a lattice design, enabling it to fold and extend into the perfect size for your garden – isn’t that handy?! 

QVC Garden trellis

Whether you use it to decorate your al fresco dining area or to bring rich greenery to areas of your garden that get little light, this useful trellis, available in a choice of classic Mini Laurel or pretty Bougainvillea, will add a stylish shelter or privacy to your outdoor space. The Mini Laurel option offers a full trellis of classic Laurel leaves while the Bougainvillea option adds beautiful pink flowers to the lush green foliage. Made from water- and weather-resistant plastic, the foliage is attached to a lattice back that allows it to move freely. 


QVC Garden trellis


Superbly versatile, it is a clever way to disguise areas such as compost heaps, unsightly walls or dustbins, and can also be used to cover up open fencing for more privacy. 16 green cable ties are also included so you can attach your trellis to railings, fences, or even nail it to brick and concrete walls (nails not included).

Available now on QVC here.

Canopy umbrella

Canopy Umbrella


If you’ve got little coverage in your garden, and you’re looking for a quick and easy way of creating temporary shelter, the canopy umbrella is ideal. It features UPF 50+ sun and weather protection, zippered windows to allow for airflow and prevent it blowing away, plus internal pockets for storage of snacks, sunscreen and other essentials. It’s great for kids and pets who shouldn’t spend too long in the sun, but don’t want to go inside!

Get it here for £75.

Solar powered duck water fountain

Solar powered duck water fountain

Save energy and add a bit of fun to your garden with this solar powered water fountain. It features a family of ducks on the main plate, with water falling from the umbrella design, plus two integrated solar panels so that you can enjoy the piece anywhere in your garden without wiring. Plus, it’s sure to keep the kids entertained!

Get it here for £120.

Peat-free compost

Peat free compost - Richard Jackson

Planning on planting up some summer containers soon? This peat-free compost from Richard Jackson contains four different peat substitutes: wood fibre for strong root growth, coir for structure, natural rich green substrate as well as clay for natural absorption. Everything you need to get the best out of your plants!

Get it here for £18.

Tulip Gudoshnik bulbs

Tulip Gudoshnik


When I say these tulips are big and beautiful, I mean it! No beer garden is complete without some eye-catching blooms, and these incredible peony-flowered double tulips make a wonderful feature in gardens of any size. Plus, they have lovely long stems that make them ideal as cut flowers for decorating the inside of your home once your ‘patrons’ have left!

Get 20 bulbs here for £15.99.

Weedkiller Concentrate with Power Sprayer

Richard Jackson Weedkiller Concentrate

No beer garden, home or otherwise, should tolerate weeds! Blitz these unsightly plants with this glyphosate-free liquid, which is derived from geranium leaves, meaning it’s safer for both you and the environment.

Buy it here for £30.

Ergonomic Hand Tool Set

Ergonomic garden tool kit

Get those last minute gardening jobs done and dusted with this handy set of gardening tools. These four tools are all designed to minimise hand and wrist stress while maximising power and comfort, making gardening easier on your body!

Buy the set here for £22.50.

Which beer garden are you off to this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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