Stylish, contemporary and easy to grow, there are so many reasons to love Alliums. They produce explosive blooms in a handful of colours – you’re not just limited to those iconic purple orbs! Think hot pinks, angelic whites and cool blues that will really jazz up your spring borders.

If you love plant spotting around your neighbourhood, you might be lucky enough to spy one of these five beautiful varieties – and it’ll no doubt give you some inspiration for your autumn bulb planting session later this year!

Allium Graceful Beauty

Allium Graceful Beauty


This variety produces incredible white, star-like flowers with one very unique feature – purple nectar! Instantly brighten your borders with this beautiful variety, which works well when paired with any other colour of Allium.

Allium sphaerocephalon 

Allium Sphaerocephalon


A strikingly buxom variety of Allium, sphaerocephalon erupts in early summer with colour changing blooms. As they move through the season, they’ll slowly change from fresh green to deep maroon!

Allium oreophilum

Allium Oreophilum


Also known as ‘Mountain Lover’ or ‘Pink Lily Leek’, this Allium is best known for its bubblegum pink blooms. Spread these throughout the front of sunny borders, as they grow to around 15cm in height.

Allium caeruleum

Allium Caeruleum


Adore the puff ball look? Try it in blue with Allium caeruleum. This variety produces azure-blue clusters, which come back bigger each year! Place these amongst purple Alliums and tall foliage at the back of the border for the full effect.

Allium Miami

Allium Miami


These half-spherical flowers bring an almost informal style to the traditionally structured Allium look. Erupting in a sea of purple each summer, Allium Miami brings colour and fullness to the border.

All five Alliums in one collection

Hayloft Plants have put together a 100-bulb collection featuring each of these five Alliums, which is available at QVC – everything you need to create a truly impactful Allium display! 

Drought-resistant and easy to grow, this collection offers an abundance of colour perfect for scattering across your borders or adding to pots and containers outside – plus, they make great cut flowers to decorate inside your home too.

Delivered after 6th September, these spring-flowering bulbs need to be planted in the autumn in well-drained soil and will grow and bloom from April to July the following spring and summer. Perennials and pollinators, these bulbs will come back year after year to give your garden a perfectly pretty, eye-catching display that not only you but also the local bees and butterflies will love.


The package contains:

  • 30 x Sphaerocephalon Allium bulbs – flowering in July to August with green flower heads that mature to maroon red. Mature height: 90cm (35″)
  • 30 x Oreophilum Allium bulbs – flowering in June with vibrant pink blooms in open round clusters. Mature height: 15cm (6″)
  • 20 x Caeruleum Allium bulbs – flowering from June to July with globes of blue star-shaped flowers. Mature height: 60cm (24″)
  • 10 x Graceful Beauty Allium bulbs – flowering from April to May with white flowers boasting a pale pink flush on lavender-coloured stems. Mature height: 30cm (12″)
  • 10 x Miami Allium bulbs – flowering from June to July with a dark purple flowerhead on a green stem. Mature height: 90cm (35″)


Shop this amazing collection at QVC here!


5 Allium facts worth knowing

  1. The Allium family includes onion, garlic, leek and chives. Its name actually means ‘garlic’ in Latin.
  2. The Allium flower is the perfect gift to wish someone good luck, as it symbolises unity, good fortune and prosperity, as well as patience and humility.
  3. Alliums do not repeat bloom, so if you’re growing them for dried flower displays, you can leave them to dry on the stem before they’re cut.
  4. Trouble with deer eating your plants? Alliums are deer resistant, so those hungry creatures will be sure to stay away.
  5. The unobtrusive foliage of the Allium allows it to blend seamlessly with other flowers in fuller border displays.


How to complement your new Allium collection

In addition to this must-have collection, QVC have some amazing garden products on offer during the May 2021 Bank Holiday weekend. Each of these products feature special pricing and are available on 3 Easy Pay, so you can pay over time.


Garden storage box

Garden storage box

This storage box from Garden Gear has a 490 litre capacity and features a reinforced lift-up lid that can be easily secured with a padlock, plus it doubles as garden seating. Made from durable, weatherproof plastic that won’t rust, peel or stain, this storage box is the perfect way to keep your possessions safely stored away in your garden.

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LED rotating lantern

LED rotating lantern

This hanging lantern from Luxform features an antique bronze colour finish and rotating LED lights inside that create a choice of firefly or fireworks effect. With its wireless battery-powered design, this gorgeous lantern can be hung anywhere in your home to give off a gorgeous ambience in the evening.

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Grass and hedge shear

This cordless Grass and Hedge Shear from Yardforce features quick-release interchangeable cutting heads and a soft-grip handle for comfortable use. Perfect for keeping your garden in pristine condition, this shear is a must-have in your garden tool repertoire.

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Stainless steel hose and nozzle

This stainless steel hose from Garden Gear features a strong, kink-free design, with an eight-pattern nozzle that can be adjusted to give various water pressures and patterns. Ideal for any keen gardener, this hose allows for precise plant watering or cleaning, and its durable design ensures there are no annoying twists or kinks to contend with.

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Cordless pruner

The Big Jaw Secateurs from Wolf feature an impressive 7.2 voltage, a lightweight, compact and cordless design and a dual trigger safety button for ease and security of use. These superb secateurs are an essential piece of gardening equipment for any outdoor job, in any season.

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