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Whether you have a hanging basket, a group of containers, a patio, or a larger space to create your garden haven, the size or shape is not important. What is important are the benefits you will reap from cultivating your own green space. Of course, gardening is just one way to take a much-needed break from reality, but here’s why it’s a great first choice.

Forget Your Worries

herb garden


What better way to take a break from stress than to feel that sense of achievement that comes from creating your garden space? Regardless of your level of gardening skill, you can decide to start as simply as you choose – maybe some hardy succulents and a few herbs to get the juices flowing? You will rarely struggle to find something to do in the garden and, while concentrating on the task at hand, stressful thoughts are banished immediately, creating a positive mood from your daily dose of upliftment.

You can slow down and connect with nature. This will improve your attention, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, lower your cortisol levels, and increase your overall life satisfaction and quality of life. Gardening helps you focus your thoughts, keep your hands busy, and gives you something to take care of. This reduces stress levels by giving you an amazing sense of purpose and achievement.

Whole Body Workout

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Every element of time spent in the garden burns calories and this physical activity reduces the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Whether you realise it or not, the more time you spend growing your green area, the more exercise you are getting. If you are not one for jogging or hours spent in the gym, what better way to work on your fitness levels than a garden workout? Gardening works on upper and lower body strength, supple joints, back strength and a healthy heart. However, do not overdo it. If you have existing back issues, instead focus on raised beds or container gardening. There are so many different options available to suit your particular needs.

Boost Your Immune System

Gardening with kids


Plunging your hands into some healthy soil also helps to cut the risk of inflammatory disease and reduces stress. Exposure to bacteria in soil is great for your immune system. Planting a garden with your children is a great way to involve them in the growing and harvesting of their own vegetables which they are then more likely to eat and enjoy. Not only do you save money on the products that you grow, but you know exactly where it has come from. Preparing food from scratch is also great for your immunity and stress levels alike.

Sunlight is also known to boost your mood, so spending time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine will encourage the body’s production of vitamin D. This is important for the production of calcium, boosting the immune system, promoting a healthy heart and lungs, and reducing the risk of cancer. Just don’t forget your sunscreen on those hot summer days.

Creating your own beautiful space for meditation, contemplation, and relaxation means that your home or garden becomes your haven free from stress and worry. Even just sitting outside in the garden amongst your flowers and vegetables has healing properties. Your physical and emotional well-being reap the benefits of all the sowing, watering, weeding, and harvesting that takes place in your scared green space. Allow yourself time to stop and smell the flowers, or herbs!

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