Lawns are either your thing or they’re not. Sometimes they can be too much to manage, especially for those without space to store a decent mower. However, for others, a lawn might be your pride and joy – you love keeping it lush and green and would hate to see a yellow patch appear!

If you’re the latter, then you probably know a thing or two about caring for your lawn, and maybe even a few pieces of trivia about grass. If you think you’re up to the task, you can take my lawn care quiz below to test your knowledge.

Then, I’ve got a fantastic do-it-all tool that will help make lawn and general garden care a breeze. Scroll down after you’ve taken the quiz to find out more!


4 in 1 gardening multi tool

4 in 1 gardening multi tool


Personally, I love an all-in-one tool. It saves space in the shed, and it means that you don’t have to keep going back and forth to change up your tools.

This four-in-one multi-tool from Yard Force can be used as a scarfier, reciprocating saw, grass shear and hedge trimmer thanks to its adjustable cutting heads. It also features a cordless design and a telescopic tube.


4 in 1 gardening multi tool


In your box, you’ll receive your multi-tool base, a telescopic tube, scarifier head, reciprocating saw, grass shear head, hedge trimmer head, and two lithium ion batteries to keep you powered while you’re maintaining your lawn and garden.


4 in 1 gardening multi tool


Keep your garden looking ship-shape with a single tool, thanks to this gadget! Get it now on QVC.

Let me know what score you received in the quiz! Comment below with your magic number.


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