Stoneleigh garden hire

How do you fancy hiring a private garden for a summer gettogether with friends and/or family this summer? Stoneleigh, New Zealand’s number one wine brand, are providing a unique opportunity across four locations in the UK!

Read on to find out how you can book your private summer garden space. But first, here’s a little bit about what Stoneleigh are doing to raise awareness of the importance of community outdoor spaces.

The National Plottery campaign

I’ve partnered with Stoneleigh to launch the National Plottery campaign, raising funds to renovate local community plots across the nation. The campaign is part of Stoneleigh’s long-term commitment to sustainability and the brand’s garden borrowing service allowing city-dwellers the opportunity to book a relaxing garden getaway with friends across three UK cities, including London, Manchester and Brighton, with 100% of booking sales being donated to non-for-profit organisation Grow2Know.


Stoneleigh garden hire


Following research that more than 40% of Brits2 found that nature, wildlife, and visiting local green spaces have become even more important to their wellbeing since COVID-19 restrictions began. Stoneleigh wants to give Brits, who live in busy cities, the opportunity to connect with that hard-to-come-by outdoor space and to take a deep breath and get in touch with nature – whilst enjoying some nibbles and a crisp glass of the new Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc, of course.

Garden and wine lovers alike are also invited to submit plots of land to be transformed to a space that people can enjoy upon booking the experience here. All funds will be donated to Grow2Know which focus on empowering young people through horticulture and by building gardens to inspire, educate and heal.

The four different urban oases, in Hackney and Muswell Hill (London), Manchester and Brighton, are available for anyone to book between 28th August and 5th September 2021.

No matter how big or small, outdoor and garden spaces are so important for our wellbeing especially during the Covid pandemic. Being surrounded by nature and taking the time to just relax is something I’ve always loved so I’m proud to be part of this Stoneleigh initiative, giving people the opportunity to spend time in urban gardens with friends and raise funds to help renovate community gardens for everyone to enjoy.


Stoneleigh garden hire


Sustainable wine

Stoneleigh has a long-standing relationship and commitment to the environment and is proud to be on a sustainability journey. Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc is made from 100% sustainably sourced grapes with over 10,000 trees planted for its biodiversity projects and over 30 hectares dedicated to biodiversity projects and regenerative land.

Lucy Bearman, Wine Portfolio Director said: It is our core brand belief that a sustainable partnership with nature, through our minimal intervention winemaking philosophy, is what allows us to create our unique style of wine so now we want to give back. We want to invite nature and wine-loving Brits across the country to slow down, enjoy beautiful urban gardens, whilst nominating their favourite community garden spaces in need of renovation, in partnership with the amazing non-for-profit Grow2Know, which together with Stoneleigh will make this possible.”

Taysham Hayden-Smith, Owner of Grow2Know said, “We strongly believe building gardens are very important to inspire, educate and heal. We want to continue renovating beautiful spaces and this time with Stoneleigh as part of a longer-term collaboration, to help us revive community plots across the country as part of the brand’s National Plottery campaign.”

See my garden transformation

To share in the appreciation for gardens and outdoor spaces, I’ve posted about my garden transformation on Instagram! See all the before and after shots below…



How to book your private garden

Stoneleigh’s garden hire service is available from 3:00 – 5:00pm on Bank Holiday weekend 28th, 29th, 30th August and 4th, 5th September, by booking only, via for £25. Maximum 6 people allowed per booking. 18+ only, with valid ID. Time to relax, bask in nature and sip wine with friends and family.

Also, be a part of Stoneleigh’s National Plottery campaign by submitting your desired plot of land in need of renovation here.

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