Garden Remodel Ideas

Take the time to look at your garden right now. Does it ‘spark joy,’ so to speak? Or are there areas that you can improve on?

Your backyard shouldn’t just be a flat space of unkept grass which you may only give attention to during parties or when you know you’ll have guests over. Rather, with the emphasis now on the benefits of outdoor living, your backyard should serve as an extension of your current home. This means your backyard can become an oasis for your entire family to enjoy.

But perhaps you may have heard, too, that remodeling a garden can be quite expensive. This isn’t necessarily true. If you plan out your garden remodel strategically enough, you can still come up with ways to make your garden nice, without digging a hole through your pocket.

If you’re looking to undergo a garden remodel for this year, here are six of the best backyard landscaping ideas you can do, even when you’re on a budget:


Garden Remodel Ideas


1. Invest in Sturdy Outdoor Furniture

No matter how well landscaped or well-maintained your garden is, if it doesn’t have outdoor furniture, then you’re certain that your family won’t even be spending time in your backyard. You can have more practical and functional use out of your backyard when you have outdoor furniture.

This can be anything from an outdoor dining set to outdoor sofa or lounge sets, depending on your space and the vibe you’re trying to create in your backyard. When you’re shopping during the best time to buy garden furniture, you may also be able to enjoy discounts, deals and other promos to give you a bang for your buck.

When you’re on a budget and you can only focus on one area of improvement, you won’t regret opting to buy new garden or outdoor furniture. If you’re lucky, you may even able to find some which are on sale, or that are preloved.

To ensure you’re going to wind up bringing the best outdoor furniture for your garden, here are some tips that’ll come in handy when shopping in Furniture Maxi or any other trusted furniture store in your local area:

  • Create your own list of preferences and factors you’d like to have in your garden furniture.
  • Choose outdoor furniture that’s easy to care for.
  • Invest in good quality pieces, so you won’t have to keep buying new ones repeatedly simply because your furniture gets easily broken.

2. Fill Your Garden with Flowers

Go through Facebook marketplace or even your local weekend market. There, you’ll surely come across flowering plants, which aren’t necessarily expensive. Flowers are always a welcome addition to any garden, as it literally brings more color and life to what would’ve otherwise been a plain and boring garden.

If you give those flowers the right care, they’ll blossom in the right season, and you’ll have a beautiful garden to enjoy.

3. Build A Fire Pit

Especially when you have young children still with you at home, a fire pit is always nice to have. You know you can maximize its use, with all the evenings spent out with the entire family.

When you’re eating in your garden, you can use the fire pit for some heat during the colder months. This is, therefore, an advantage whereby even in the colder season, you can still enjoy outdoor time in your garden.

On the weekends, you can play and camp out with your children. The fire pit doesn’t just add some heat but it also serves a dual purpose of grilling food. You can enjoy roasting smores or marshmallows, or whatever it is you like to cook.

4. Plant Some Produce

If you have the space for it too, why not utilize your garden for that authentic farm-to-table experience? It’s inexpensive to start a vegetable garden, and the cost savings even make it in the long run, when you can enjoy vegetables without having to buy in the market. Having your own vegetable garden also ensures that the vegetables you’re serving to your family are safe and organic.

When you start a vegetable garden, be sure to position it strategically on one corner of your backyard. That way, you’re keeping it contained in one area. You can avoid your backyard from looking too cluttered and it won’t get in the way of keeping your backyard landscaping looking well-maintained.

5. Spruce or Clean Up Your Backyard

When was the last time you’ve given your backyard a thorough, deep clean? As you deep clean your home, you should also make it a point to do the same with your backyard. Do this at least once every quarter or once every six months from this point, moving forward.

Think, power washing your home’s exterior and fence. Removing the weeds and dead plants. Cutting long shrubs or tree branches. Deep cleaning your outdoor furniture.

The point is for you to now make it a part of your home cleaning chores to ensure that your backyard is well-maintained. A clean backyard is always a presentable one, and it’ll also be more inviting for you and your family and friends to enjoy some time in your yard.

6. Add A Water Feature

You don’t necessarily need to break the bank just to be able to add a water feature in your garden. You can focus on whatever it is your budget can afford, like a small pond, for instance.

If the budget permits for something bigger, then you can have fountains, or small pool, among others. Make it a point also to choose the water feature which meets your yard’s size. Make sure that the water feature won’t be too big, such that it’ll eat up a majority of your garden space to a point that now you won’t have an outdoor space to run around in, and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

The ideas above may be inexpensive, but it can still pack a punch in transforming your garden into a more beautiful one. As you can see, landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many more ideas you can apply, to transform your garden. You only need to select the one which you know sits the best according to your individual needs and preferences in your garden.

Even the little things can make a big difference in your garden’s look and feel. Once you’ve done those landscaping changes, it’s now up to you to ensure you also keep your garden well-maintained enough.

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