7 plant trends for 2022


It’s finally happened, the autumn Chelsea Flower Show is on! And boy is it exciting, not only are there later flowering plants, and autumn interest, but the show seems to have turned an innovative corner, as there are houseplant displays, balcony plantings, and all sorts of achievable spaces.


Garden trends for 2022


Here are the hottest plant trends I’ve picked out from this year’s show!

1. Balcony gardens

We all need inspiration when it comes to balconies, and this had loads of it. Have you ever thought of planting underfoot on a balcony, or perhaps installing a small rockery? You can also explore hedging, small trees, and of course fix plenty of windowboxes over the edge!



2. Autumn colours

The autumn colours were fantastic, not just the asters, rudbeckias, and all those plants, but also the ways that people were playing with the orange and yellow palette. In the floral marquee, there was a display that particularly caught my eye, with a range of houseplants, designed and arranged in those autumnal shades!



3. Houseplants in water

I called this one a couple of weeks ago, underwater gardening will become the next big trend in houseplants. In the Plant Pharmacy, by Patch Plants, they were doing just that. At least you won’t worry about forgetting to water them!



4. Drag queen style

The very special houseplant area at the show got a lot of interest, and I was particularly fond of the one built by the team at Indoor Garden Design. It is a complete celebration of colour, and had a lot of pink, and drag queens DJing early in the morning! I’m off home to spray paint all my existing pots in hot pink, bye!



5. Stronger succulents

I had a very interesting chat with the team at Surreal Succulents, as they told me that they actually feed and water their succulents more than most, and that is how they get a little bit bigger. They’ve also got the brand-new hybrid between Aeonium and Sempervivum, a massive breeding achievement, and I’ve already reserved one!



6. Enjoying plants as they fade

I’ve always seen the beauty in dead and decaying plants, and I’m really fond of Hosta as they melt and go through a kaleidoscope of oranges and browns in the autumn. In the flower marquee, we were treated to the gorgeous autumn tones of a range of different Peony varieties!



7. Retro Blooms

We all knows how popular Dahlias have been in the last few years, but I think it’s time that Chrysanthemums have their time in the limelight, not to mention Gladioli. There were some fantastic displays, obviously given a helping hand by the slightly later scheduling of the Chelsea show!


WHich is your favourite trend? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Diana Eastwood

    7 Retro blooms .
    Looks like you had a fabulous day

    September 20, 2021

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