Trees are valuable items in your property; they provide shade, and cooling, reduce air pollution, and increase your property’s value. However, for trees to maximize their benefits, they need to be healthy and well-maintained. 

If your trees are overgrown or infected with diseases, they take away your home’s value and aesthetics. Therefore, trees should be regularly maintained to ensure they’re strong and healthy. That’s where an arborist comes in. 

An arborist is a trained professional with skills and experience in maintaining, troubleshooting issues, and treating trees. While some people maintain their trees, it can be overwhelming, especially if the trees are large or near electrical lines. In such cases maintaining trees by yourself can be extremely dangerous. Hiring an arborist makes you confident that tree-related issues are handled safely. 

If you’re still on the fence about why you should hire an arborist, read on below to learn more. 

1. To Prevent Accidents 

Maintaining trees, especially pruning, isn’t easy; it’s dangerous and can cause serious injuries or deaths to you or any bystander. Additionally, inappropriate pruning can cause damage to your home.  

Maintenance of trees involves many risks, such as climbing and maneuvering up a tree or around electric cables. The risks are greater if you’re inexperienced and don’t have the right equipment. However, when you hire an arborist, you’re guaranteed that your tree is maintained safely.

Arborists do the work perfectly because they have the experience to safely maneuver around a tree with the help of safety equipment like tree climbing gear. Moreover, arborists are fully insured, meaning you’re bound to be insured if an accident happens in your home.

2. Arborists Have The Right Equipment For The Job

One of the major advantages of hiring arborists is that they use modern equipment in their work. These are equipment you don’t have as a homeowner and would cost you money to buy or hire. The equipment guarantees their safety during the tree handling process and also ensures the tree isn’t harmed. 

Arborists have different equipment for performing different tasks, from pruning, planting, tree removal, and other tree emergencies. Some of the equipment they have, includes safety equipment such as goggles, helmets, safety boots, and chaps, cutting equipment like tree saws or prunes, and rigging equipment such as pulleys and carabiners, among others.

Arborists looking at tree

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3. They Offer Proper Tree Care 

The best way to ensure proper care for your trees is by hiring a certified arborist. 

Factors such as over-trimming or applying inappropriate fertilizer can lead to decreased tree quality or even tree death. Therefore, ensure your trees get proper care to remain healthy and strong. You can do this by hiring a qualified arborist. 

Arborists are professionally trained to maintain and take good care of trees in different situations, from pruning and planting to removal. And they can diagnose and treat various tree diseases before they cause damage to your trees. 

When it comes to pruning, arborists are experienced and know what kind of pruning is required to keep the tree healthy. They’ve worked with different tree species, allowing them to anticipate tree shapes and decide what branches to prune as well.

4. Save Money 

If you’re looking for a way to help you save a few bucks in your home, then hiring an arborist is a perfect way to save money. If you maintain trees yourself or hire inexperienced personnel, you’re bound to have errors that will cost you more money to rectify. 

Furthermore, keeping your trees unmaintained can cause damage to structures, sewers, or sidewalks. The damage will cost you money to fix and repair. Fortunately, you can avoid this by hiring a certified arborist to maintain your trees. While the upfront cost of hiring an arborist may seem high, it’s more cost-effective in the long run as you won’t incur unnecessary costs associated with unmaintained trees.

5. Arborists Take Care Of Leftovers

The tree branches, stamps, and other tree debris associated with tree pruning and removal can diminish your home’s aesthetics and also cause accidents around your home. If you decide to do the tree maintenance work yourself, you’ll have to do the extra work of disposing of the leftovers. 

Yet when you hire professional arborists, they take care of the leftovers, as it’s part of the job. They have the right equipment that helps you to safely assemble the leftovers without causing damage to your structures or trees.  

The Bottom Line 

Trees are an essential addition to your home with many benefits, such as increasing property value, boosting aesthetics, and providing shade and quality air. But to maximize the benefits, you must maintain the trees properly. Working with a certified arborist guarantees that your trees will be beautiful, healthy, and strong.

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