A garden in close up

So often we take a step back to enjoy our gardens, viewing them from the distant point of a patio chair or even from inside. But how often do we take a closer look to appreciate the beauty of nature? Macro plant photography changes our perspective, and takes us into the fine details of a…

Top Five Plants of the New York High Line right now

Sticky, ¬†sweltering, summer New York. The only place to cool down is… err… nowhere really, except perhaps the A/C of the H&M store. But, that doesn’t stop a plant geek, and I climbed up onto the High Line early on Saturday to see what botanical marvels were waiting for me!

The #blossomfrenzy finalists!

Thanks for tweeting me your blossom photographs yesterday.. Here are the final 10, including the lucky winner!! Irish blossom from @elizabethganly