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Orchid pairings
love orchids

Which houseplants should you pair with your orchid? Love Orchids takes out the guesswork with their ‘Green Plant Pairs’, and package which combines an orchid with a beautiful foliage plant – so you don’t have to make any difficult decisions!

The orchids and greenery are British grown at a family nursery in the New Forest, where they have been expertly grown and cared for before being potted up with peat free compost.

Find your perfect orchid pairing!

Muck unisex ankle boot
muck boot company

Get the original boot loved by gardeners the world over! The Edgewater Classic is the perfect lightweight boot for all your gardening jobs, as well as other outdoor pursuits such as fishing, camping and more.

It features a reinforced and protective shell for safety and comfort, and a 5mm neoprene base layered with air mesh for better airflow. It even has achilles reinforcement and a super grippy outsole!

Emma's Florist
emma’s florist

Love having fresh new flowers in your home? Emma’s Florist, an independent, Suffolk-based florist, is offering one-month, 3-month and 6-month subscriptions with a stunning bouquet delivered to your home every week.

You can choose from small, medium or superior bouquets with each subscription – and you’ll even get a free gift with the three-month and six-month subscriptions!

Support a small business and benefit from beautiful flowers!

Sows and Grows
sows and grows

Helier and Sophie are home gardeners who host online courses on how to sow and grow your favourite flowers. Sophie is a teacher, while Helier is a lawyer training to be a garden designer, and both have a keen eye for detail when it coems to creating the perfect flower garden.

Sows and Grows’ courses include sowing for the seasons, as well as specific flower growing. Take a look and learn something new!


Are straight, rigid moss poles not your aesthetic? This bendable moss pole from Mossify looks far more organic, bending with the direction of your trailing or tall plant!

Available in four sizes, from 16″ to 54″, this moss pole gives all the benefits of a traditional pole thanks to its premium sphagnum moss mix outer layer, and a galvanised steel frame that causes no damage to plants.

Give your greenery the support it needs to thrive!

Muckster Lite Clogs
muckster lite clogs

Lightweight and oh so comfortable, the Muckster Lite Clog is a gift for any gardener’s feet. This shoe is built from a high-performance, lightweight foam called Bio Lite. For how lightweight the material is, it’s super durable, as well as being easy to clean, so you can garden on all terrains and in all weather! Not only that, but Bio Lite is better for the environment than other injection moulded foams, and will properly biodegrade in bioreactor landfills.

Moss Table

Want a new way to introduce nature into your space? Verti-Grow have the most elegant solution – the Moss Coffee Table! It’s a beautiful coffee table that is filled with plant life. And not only is it very aesthetically pleasing, it’s also biophilic! It needs no watering, maintenance or natural light.

You can use it as a coffee, nesting or side table. Guests will definitely adore it as much as you will!

Use code MICHAEL20 for 20% off at Verti-Grow!

See How

SeeHow is the tool for all gardeners, showing you how your plants will look throughout their growing season. Complete with 140 illustrated tabs featuring individual plants that gardeners love, you can use SeeHow to do just that – see how plants will flower, and when.

You can even place them next to one another to visualise a garden in flower all year round. Each tab also contains extra details and information about the plant, which is ideal if you’d like to fill in the gaps in your gardening knowledge.


Vegepod is the multi-award winning contained, raised and self-watering garden bed. Making growing food easy and accessible, the Vegepod comes complete with a raised stand, wicking bed, protective mesh canopy, and irrigator mist spray system. Grow your food no matter your space or ability!

I’ve personally used my Vegepod for years and has come in very handy for growing veggies and young plants. Its accessible features make it very easy to use – much easier than bending over a low garden bed!

Homemade Mummy
The Homemade Mummy

Becky from The Homemade Mummy creates pretty floral candles for her Etsy shop. Based in Oxted, Surrey, Becky hand paints her candles, and each candle is made to order. That means each buyer has a unique candle that no one else has!

These candles are cottagecore-cute, coming in cream, blue, green and pink pastel tones, with intricate floral designs adorning each one. Becky even makes special candles for occasions – I particularly love her red Chinese New Year candles!

Frond Flo Planter

Cornwall-based company Frond designs and manufactures beautiful, minimalist house plant pots made from sustainable materials, such as ceramic and glass. They are also designed to be self-watering, which helps to keep plants healthy and thriving – great for forgetful or busy gardeners! Frond’s pots are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is a perfect pot for every plant.

They also offer a variety of accessories, such as hanging mounts and mini scissors to help you prune and propagate.

Hydria Water Feature

Water features don’t have to cause a headache! The Hydria Water Feature is cordless and can be placed anywhere – from gardens to balconies – to beautify any location.

This water feature is easy to set up, and just one charge powers the pump for two months! You can clean it quickly and easily, making for a tidy outdoor area. Plus, it’s personalisable, with different fountain heads and mosaics that can be interchanged at your discretion.

Alstroemeria Ben
Ben’s British alstroemeria

Ben is an award winning 4th generation grower at Crosslands Flower Nursery which was established in 1936 in West Sussex and is one of the last flower nurseries in the UK producing cut flowers in a full colour range all year-round. 

Ben’s British Alstroemeria is a very sustainable crop. His flowers are not sprayed with any chemicals after being harvested and go into recyclable, reusable boxes and arrive with customers the next day. No soil cooling techniques are used to force production and some flower beds are over 20 years old, still producing premium quality stems. Under 5% of the crop is replanted a year so sterilizing the soil is kept to a minimum.

You can buy Ben’s flowers by contacting him on his social media channels –  Twitter and Instagram @alstroemeriaben and on Facebook at Crosslands Flower Nursery.

Legends of the Leaf
legends of the leaf by jane perrone

Jane Perrone, a houseplant expert and journalist, delves into the native roots of the plants that fill our homes, from the fiddle-leaf fig to the Chinese money plant. She recounts the tales of 25 iconic species: where and how they grow in the wild, how they are understood and used by the people who live among them, and the journey they have taken to become prized possessions in our homes. Jane will help you gain a deeper understanding of your plants and discover the care secrets that will help them thrive in your home by learning about their roots.

Bucket Barrow
Bucket Barrow

Introducing Bucket Barrow – the game-changing wheelbarrow that will revolutionize the way you garden! With its unique interlocking bucket design, Bucket Barrow is unlike any other wheelbarrow out there. It’s not just functional and stylish, it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to make their gardening tasks easier and more enjoyable. Imagine how simple your gardening tasks would be with Bucket Barrow. The patented
bucket design makes it easy to move everything from soil to plants. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Finches Friend Bird Feeder
finches friend

Finches Friends’ innovative feeders are designed to be safer for birds and help prevent the spread of disease. Their Cleaner Feeder 1 (pictured) is easy to assemble and features a removable feeding section to make cleaning easier, plus it has a water drainage system to keep feed clean, dry and safe. The Cleaner Window Feeder (pictured, left) sticks to your window, allowing you to watch your garden birds tuck into their food! It’s also supplied with special stickers which help prevent bird deaths by alerting them to the presence of the glass.

Smart, safe and perfect for wildlife-friendly gardens!

simon haynes

If Plants could talk (they would) is a range of hand-drawn, hand-printed images that capture what SillyPics thinks plants would say… if they could. Dandelion ‘ROAR’ is the first in this series.

Dandelion ‘Roar’ is screen printed onto 6mm boards roughly 300 x 400 mm. This version has five passes, each screen printed with Acrylics, and are finished with a Liquitex Matt UV varnish to provide a longer lasting image and colour.

Could this be your next art investment?

Caley Brothers Oyster Mushroom Subscription
caley brothers

Known for their mushroom expertise, Caley Bros. Mushrooms is a small business run by two sisters (not brothers, as the name suggests) offering products and knowledge to those who want to know more about the fungi that we share our world with!

Caley Bros have just released an oyster mushroom subscription, which provides everything that you need in order to grow your own delicious edible mushrooms. Three kits will be delivered to you over the course of three months – are you ready to become a mushroom growing expert?

Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery
pretty pink eco-jewellery

This small business’ jewellery is made with a very unusual material – vegetable ivory (also known as the tagua nut). Neither vegetable nor ivory, this nut is native to Brazil, and is only commercially harvested by hand from the forest floor after two years, so that the local wildlife get first dibs!

With this material, Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery creates necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more, with a percentage of the profits going towards forest restoration.

Rubino Wilson
rubino wilson

Founded in 2019 by metalworkers Daniela Rubino and Lauren Wilson, Rubino Wilson is a design and fabrication studio that creates beautifully minimalist products ranging from slender ikebana vases to brutalist-inspired cheese knives.

Teachers as well as artists, the pair run workshops as well as a metalwork mentoring scheme, and you can even feel part of the Rubino Wilson community at home with their special kits – like this botanical casting kit, which allows you to create unique tiles using casts of flowers.

Iszi Designs
iszi designs

Created by Whitby-based creative designer, Iszie, Iszi Designs is full of unique laser cut decor fit for walls, shelves, mantelpieces, vases, and more. Iszie’s colourful collections range from designs featuring love hearts and clouds, to gerberas and snowdrops – take a look at the ‘Spring Flourishes’ collection if you’re a plant geek!

Items can be personalised with a name or date, and you can even commission something really special and unique to you!

goats bridge fresh wasabi mayo

Mayonnaise and wasabi are must-have condiments by themselves, but put them together and you have something even more mouthwatering. That’s exactly what Goats Bridge have done – and you can buy it in a 150g jar!

It’s made with Irish wasabi sourced from Beotanics, Co. Kilkenny. Delicious when spread on a bap with trout fish cakes and green salad, this condiment has a smooth texture with a kick of spice. Just so addicting!

Stoneleigh Wine Christmoss
stoneleigh christmoss bundle

If there was ever the most perfect Christmas crossover, it’s Stoneleigh and Patch, who’ve created a fun Christmas bundle for lovers of both wine and plants!

The bundle helps you get into the Christmas spirit with a delicious bottle of Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc made with 100% sustainably-sourced grapes, a fabulous houseplant (choose between a snake plant or ZZ plant), a sturdy clay pot and a knitted Christmas plant pot ‘jumper’.

Delivery is included in the price of each bundle!

Plant Lovers EU

For houseplant lovers in the UK and EU, Plantlovers is a haven! Offering a range of unique greenery, including rare variegated Monstera, you can fill your home with greenery from these plant experts.

Plantlovers also sell a range of plant care accessories (such as moss poles to hold up those beautiful Monsteras) and soils which perfectly suit tropical houseplants, as many houseplants from non-expert sellers may not come with the right soil for the plant’s needs!

Marie Bee Bloom
marie bee bloom

Single use face masks became an environmental issue over the course of the pandemic, with many calling for more eco-friendly options that can still keep the wearer and those around them safe. Enter Marie Bee Bloom, with biodegradable face masks that bloom into wildflowers!
Made with single-use rice paper infused with flower seeds, these masks produce flowers ranging from daisies to babies breath when discarded. Whether you decide to use and then plant your mask in your garden, or simply throw it away, it will biodegrade and benefit the environment, rather than harm it.

Dan Cooper Garden
dan cooper garden

Founded by plantsman, presenter and blogger Dan Cooper, Dan Cooper Garden is filled to the brim with smart and innovative gardening gifts, tools, accessories and more. From high quality gardening gloves to bistro sets perfect for a balcony or patio area, you can find almost anything here!

Pictured above is a product that really caught my eye – the Redecker Leaf Cleaning Plant Brush. Made with stainless steel, oiled pearwood and goat hair, this brush will gently free your monstera and more from dust and debris, so that plants can produce stronger, more vigorous growth!

Little Garden Shop by Claudia de Yong
little garden shop by claudia de yong

If you’re looking for beautiful, thoughtful gardening gifts from a small business, then Little Garden Shop by Claudia de Yong is the place to be! The shop offers artisan products from talented British makers, and they are even happy to source bespoke pieces for that extra special gift!

Created by multi award winning garden designer and landscape consultant Claudia de Yong, Little Garden Shop is all about quality and sustainability. They even recycle and re-use packaging wherever possible, the mantra being, ‘it may not always be too pretty but we are being as eco-friendly as we can’.

Plant Smith
plant smith

Offering beautifully packaged houseplant care products that not only work their magic on your indoor greenery, but look good while doing it, Plant Smith is the ultimate must-have for bougee plant owners.

Their range includes plant feeds and tonics, as well as products designed for pest and disease control. In December 2022 they’re offering a fantastic mix and match deal, where you can get 3 products for just £15!

London Terrariums
london terrariums

Based over two floors on Bethnal Green Road, London Terrariums is a haven for terrarium lovers! The expert team offer bespoke and ready-made terrariums, which are ideal gifts for enthusiasts or beginners, and everyone in betwen.

They’ve just released a Takeaway Terrarium kit, which includes their signature Tiny John terrarium, compost, gravel, a selection of complementary plants, activated charcoal, cork platter, sponge brush, pipette and funnel, as well as a step-by-step guide to follow so that you can’t go wrong!

You can pre-order these instore and online now.

Lucy Hughes Design
lucy hughes creations

West London-based illustrator Lucy Hughes launched her design business in 2020, after developing her passion by creating gifts for her friends and family.

Her designs are very weird and wonderful, centring on the things we see every day – biscuits, dogs, plants, and even bums and boobs! Personally, my favourite collection of Lucy’s is called ‘Rude Things’, and it features depictions of naughty-looking vegetables and phallic cacti.

Lucy’s designs are printed on tea towels, jigsaw puzzles, mug, and of course are available as wall art.

Block Design
block design

Block Design is the brainchild of Tara Ashe, who created the company out of her passion for design and engineering background. And you can see where these two disciplines meet and mingle!

Their offerings include desk accessories, jewellery, plant pots and other homeware, all designed in Britain. You’ll love Block Design if you like block colour, bold shapes and geometric lines.

Lion's mane
urban farm-it

Have you ever grown lion’s mane? Some people don’t even know about this mushroom, which is a shame because it’s fantastically ethereal, with stalactite-like spindles drooping towards the ground. Best of all, it’s edible, and you can grow one in your garden with the help of these plugs.

The lion’s mane cane be grown on a log stump by drilling into the wood, inserting the lion’s mane plugs, and sealing with a food-grade wax. It takes a year to grow, but you’ll reap around eight years’ worth of lion’s mane – and some people compare it to lobster in terms of taste!

This is perfect for gifting to a mushroom lover, as it’s suitable for everyone from enthusiastic growers to connoisseurs.

Organic Bulbs
organic bulbs

Have you thought about giving flower bulbs as gifts? Bulbs of all sorts make beautiful gifts, as they provide joy for months to come – or even years, in many cases!

Organic Bulbs is based in Somerset, UK, and offers a wide variety of bulbs and bulb collections that will grow into sensational garden displays, whether they’re planted in borders, beds or pots.

Any flower lover will adore being given these as a gift!

The Fine Bedding Company outdoor blanket
the fine bedding company

It’s getting to that time of year when the evenings are a little bit cooler – but if you still love to sit in your garden and enjoy the twilight, this blanket from The Fine Bedding Company is for you!

The design is adapted from their signature ‘Night Owl’ duvet, and features a water-resistant outer layer, cosy fleece on the inside to keep you warm, and the ability to machine wash the blanket to keep it clean.

It’s ideal for use in the garden, or even for taking on holiday, camping, warming up after cold water therapy, and more.

100 Sunflowers
100 sunflowers

100 Sunflowers is a project I created to facilitate donations from the plant loving community to UNICEF in order to help Ukranian families in need.

The project, which raised over £500 on its launch day alone, consisted of a special design depicting 100 colourful sunflowers, printed on merchandise such as t-shirts, sweaters and tote bags, with 100% of the profit going to charity.

The project is ongoing, and profits will continue to be donated to UNICEF for as long as the products are in stock.

Lilacs by Naomi Slade
lilacs by naomi slade

Loved and lauded, lilacs are back in vogue. Whether gathered in lavish armfuls for the house or flourishing in the garden, their timeless perfume fills the air and they are an essential part of the spring season – fleeting, fabulous and instantly recognisable.

Following on from Dahlias, Hydrangeas and Lilies, Lilacs is the fourth ‘flowers’ book in the series, written by gardening expert and journalist Naomi Slade and with bespoke images from leading photographer Georgianna Lane. It combines a visual feast with information on selected cultivars and practical tips for growing and enjoying the iconic blooms at home.

Available from all good bookshops. Signed copies can be ordered from

How to garden when you rent
how to garden when you rent

With over 13 million people in the UK renting from a private landlord, that’s just under a quarter of the population living in accommodation where it may be difficult to make changes to the home and garden without the landlord’s consent. This book, written by Matthew Pottage, is an excellent guide to gardening while keeping your landlord happy. It comes complete with projects, inspiration and handy tips tailored to those who rent, and even considers tighter budgets and busy schedules.

The Plant Workshop
the plant workshop

Besides beautiful plants, pots and other accessories, The Plant Shop, a small business based in Teeside, also offer their own candles!

These handmade, hand-poured and hand-labelled candles produce a long, clean and even burn. They can make a space feel homely with your favourite scent, and have that contemporary industrial look with dark glass and silver metal screw-top lids.

Fragrances include Lemon Drizzle, Edwardian Fireside and Pink Pepper & Violet. Best of all, they start from just £9 each!

Earthed Up
earthed up!

Earthed Up! are a new workers co-operative plant nursery in Belper, Derbyshire. They grow all their own plants, peat free, without harmful chemicals.

They have put together a gift set to inspire and help more people to grow their own perennials. It includes:

  • A book to help you grow your own food
  • 2 packs of seed saves from plants they grew, saved and packed – perennial edibles and wildflowers
  • 2 bookmarks with info on how to grow the seeds and use the plants
  • A beautiful postcard featuring a tree illustration by Glennie Kindred

Packed in a joyful bright yellow envelope. All packaging is plastic free. The sets are just £10 with free delivery!

Design and Beyond
design & beyond

Design & Beyond was created by owner Paul as a way to express his creativity while bringing a smile to his customers’ homes. Producing colourful, eye-catching homeware in the form of plant pots, vases, trinket trays and more, Paul uses an eco-friendly resin which renders the products complete non-toxic and means production is kinder to the environment.

Products start from £10 and come in a range of shades and patterns to suit any home.

Gardeners Beehive
gardeners beehive

Caring for bees is something that many of us wish that we could do, if we didn’t lack the skills or equipment! However, the Gardeners Beehive provides a natural shelter for bees without the need for a beekeeper.

This fantastic, attractive design features self-regulating honey harvesting, which comprises an annex box atttached to the side of the beehive that becomes filled with honey and can be harvested without disturbing the bees or putting them under stress. Fresh, ethical honey – doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Pure Seeds
pure seeds

Introducing wildflowers into your garden is one way to help your local bee population, as well as many other native insects. However, if you have pets, it’s important to do your research before introducing new plants in your garden, in order to ensure that you don’t plant something that could be toxic if ingested.

Pure Seeds have done all the research for you and created a special mix of wildflower seeds that are perfect for pollinators and pets. Each of the five flowers in the mix produce a beautiful bloom that, together, make a fabulous display in gardens of all sizes.


Inspired by Taiwanese bubble tea fused with Britain’s famous tea-drinking culture, HumaniTea offers well-balanced tea latte beverages. In fact, they produce ‘the UK’s 1st chilled ready-to-drink plant-based tea lattes bottled into recyclable aluminium cans’ – points for sustainability!

HumaniTea’s drinks are brewed actual tea leaves, creamy oat milk, and ethically sourced, quality ingredients. Try their Matcha and Earl Grey Oat Milk Tea Lattes for your next beverage!

Maddie's Plant Pots
maddie’s plant store

Second-year Design Engineering student Maddie started created eco-friendly plant-based plant pots as a way to fund her education. Now, she has over 1,200 sales on Etsy and hundreds of eco-conscious followers.

Her pots are 3D printed from cornstarch, which is made into a durable bio plastic. This means that the pots will eventually biodegrade, but this takes place after a very long time, and no harsh chemicals are released in the process.

Maddie has a range of contemporary designs, in all shapes and sizes, perfect for housing any houseplant!

Potr Pots
potr plant pots

Designed in Glasgow and made in Bristol, Potr Plant Pots are made from waste polypropylene destined for landfill. The repurposed material is made into long lasting and sturdy planters that are also self-watering! The cotton cord around the plant pot acts as a wicking straw, which transfers water from the reservoir in the base of the pot to the soil surrounding your plant. Better yet, each pot can be flatpacked for easy delivery and storage.

Monopoly Go Green
monopoly go green

Your favourite marathon board game has gone green – literally! In an effort to raise awareness of eco-friendly building solutions, Hasbro has released this special edition of Monopoly that allows players to earn more money by ‘greening up’ their properties.

In this edition, greenhouses and dice are made of FSC certified wood from well-managed forests, and tokens are made with plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. The package, gameboard, game guide, money, cards, storage bag, insert, and money tray are made with 100% recycled paper. Pre-order yours now – releasing September 2021.


Have you ever brewed your own tea? I don’t just mean a bag of tea from the supermarket! I mean growing tea from scratch, then brewing it to enjoy! Thompson & Morgan’s Hydrangea serrata ‘Hydrantea’ allows you to do just that. In Japan this hardy shrub has been utilised for making a refreshing herbal brew for many centuries. Once harvested, the leaves are left to dry in the sun before crushing and re-drying to create flavoursome tea-leaves. With no calories and a naturally sugary flavour, it makes a delicious alternative to normal caffeinated tea.

Bottle Farm
bottle farm

Did you know that 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute? That’s a lot of waste. But your plastic bottles don’t have to go to landfill or become downcycled in a process that could create carbon emissions – instead Bottle Farm gives you a kit to turn them into mini indoor farms!

With each kit, you get a nutrient rich ‘Plant Fuel’, seeds, bottle stands and more! You can get your kit for £24.99 here.

ASOS carrot jumper

ASOS Design is going all out with their printed jumpers! From their now iconic cloud-print jumper to flowers, flames and everything in between, ASOS’ own brand of clothing is nailing outrageous patterns that will make your grandma give you the side-eye.

This carrot-print jumper is no different, and will definitely turn heads at the allotment! Get it now while it’s still hot!

Rain Cloud Watering Pot

Isn’t this wall hanger adorable? Available from comfybear for £9.99, it’s a very cute way to grow succulents, herbs and other small plants. Simply pour your water into the cloud, and it will distribute the water across the plant via ‘raindrops’ which disperse slowly so as not to drown the plant.

You can purchase this pot in a range of colours to suit your indoor or outdoor space.

Metro Mugs
marbec village

Marbec Village creates locally inspired mugs called ‘Metro Mugs’ that everyone across the country can enjoy with a hot drink in the garden! Their designs depict different towns and regions across the UK, in the style of the London tube map. Choose from the Lake District, Snowdonia, Cotswolds and more!

Mugs are £11.99 each and are available at their Etsy shop.

Willsow Children's Books

What do you do with children’s books after your kids have finished reading them? Give them to a friend? Sell them? Maybe even throw them away in the recycling? There’s an even better end-of-life route for children’s books that actually provides negative emissions! Willsow have created books that can be planted and grown into vegetables and herbs.

Even better, the seeds represent the characters in the books – so your child can actually ‘meet’ the characters once the seeds have grown!

Arbor pots

Plant pots can come in all sorts of materials – but have you ever seen any made from washable paper? This vegan, eco-friendly leather alternative makes a beautiful material for container storage, and for making your houseplants look very special!

These pots are available in six colour and four sizes, with larger sizes on the way. Orders can be made by Instagram DM at @arborfold_.

Slow Pharmacy
slow pharmacy

Ever overwatered or underwatered a houseplant, let it fall victim to spider mites, or neglected its lighting needs? It’s easily done. But these plant specimens from Slow Pharmacy are suspended in time by a secret formula inside a vial, meaning that they’ll never die! Made by an innovative small business in South Korea, these ‘liquid terrariums’ are not only practical, but they look very pretty on your shelves. A great gift idea for the plant killer in your social circle!

Pinestone Tea
pinestone tea

Those who really love tea and want an authentic, but luxuriolus, experience when sipping their favourite beverage, will love Pinestone Tea.

This company produces beautiful boxes of premium Chinese tea with unrivalled flavour, alongside an environmentally and socially responsible ethos. I recommend trying the Luxury Green tea Gift Set for three wonderful teas to enjoy while you’re planning your spring garden in your head!


If there’s anything we all have in abundance, it’s kitchen scraps! But if you don’t know what to do with them, they can just go to waste in the kitchen bin. Not anymore – Regrown by Paul Anderton and Robin Daly shows you how to ‘regrow’ 20 vegetables from their scraps. Magic! Buy it here from the publisher or here on Amazon.

Crab Shell Fertiliser
sea the change

Have you ever wondered what happens to a crab shell after you’ve eaten it? Probably not, but it most likely goes in the bin, and then landfill, to decompose after some time. But what if we could harness the nutrients within crab shells and use them to benefit our gardens? Sea the Change have done just that. This fertiliser fights plant diseases, promotes healthy growth and triggers plant defense systems – and it’s 100% crab shell. Nothing added!

la soufflerie
la soufflerie

Ooh, I love a good vase, and probably have far too many! La Soufflerie is making beautiful glass-blown vases from 100% recycled glass. Each piece is unique.

La Soufflerie are a non-profit, family owned company, who are keen to preserve the art of ancestral glass-blowing.

Sarah Raven - Dahlia
sarah raven

Now, there’s a LOT of Dahlia to choose from these days; we are positively spoilt for choice… But, ‘Evanah‘ really got my attention! The blooms are almost sculpted, like one of those fancy artisan candles!

Start from tuber or potted plant; it’s great to have such a choice, as we haven’t all got the space to start off tubers indoors. Buy yours at Sarah Raven…

Silly Greens
silly greens

We all chat about microgreens and how good they are for you, but have you ever tried any? Here’s the easiest way to do it… Each pack of ‘Silly Greens‘ is delivered pre-sown, all you need to do is water the pack every day, and in next to no time you’ll have a healthy crop right in front of you!

Zhuzh up that dinner plate today!

And, remember, Silly Greens is a first of its kind; farm-direct, unfinished cropping, full of goodness. Prices are just £5 per box, with no monthly commitment.

Seed Pantry
seed pantry

These are cracking little kits, and the design is just perfect! The ‘Craft Beer’ kit caught my eye, can’t think why! Each kit has all you need to grow; biodegradable husk pots, organic peat-free compost and the seeds for success!

I always fancy giving the Jalapeno kit a try! The succulents also look pretty cool. Great for kids, adults, and everyone in between!

GREK tea
grek tea

I’ve been following the journey of GREK Tea for a few years, as many of you know I have Greek heritage myself. The range has lovely traditional teas such as Mountain Tea and Peppermint, but my pick of the range has to be their Lemon Verbena!

It’s caffeine-free, and packed with health benefits, and recently bagged two gold stars in the Great Taste 2020 awards!


Alcohol-free drinks have come a long way, baby! I am loving the complex botanical creations from Crossip, a new initiative which also gives back. 5% of all sales to social causes.

The flavours are mature and sophisticated, with 3 concotions in the range. ‘Pure’ boasts Hibiscus flavours, and can rival a traditional Negroni! For a Whiskey substitute, why not consider the Dandy, it’s deep and complex, and perfect with ice and soda. Finally, ‘Fresh’ is like a fruit punch, just without the morning after punch.

PlantGrow Slug & Snail Solution
plantgrow slug & snail solution

I’m all for natural remedies, and especially when they don’t kill little garden creatures! This dried material acts as a barrier around your plants, protecting them from any imminent slug or snail attacks! This actually then leaves hedgehogs and garden birds with their much needed food source!

Manufactured from 100% natural materials, and mixed to a secret recipe, it’s also vegan, and available from PlantGrow in Norfolk. It’s totally worth a try, I’ll certainly be using it around my prized plants!

Camellia Summer Nights
camellia summer nights

This is a brand-new breeding breakthrough, this is a Camellia that flowers in the summer. This is most unlike all other Camellias. Bred in China by Mr Gao Jiyn, who has worked with Camellia for over 50 years, and finally he managed to make one that blooms from May to October. No wonder they call it “Summer Nights“! 2 metres high and 2 metres wide, so perfect for small gardens or voluminous pots! Available soon from Thompson and Morgan.

Hung Studio
hung studios

Just when I was getting bored of macrame, these awesome leather plant hangers from Hung Studios come along! They also have a vegan line too.

The colours are well-chosen, and I think I may have to treat myself to one of the fleuroscent ones! They’re so 80s it hurts!

Seedball seed box
seedball seed boxes

I have loved Seedball for years, and really love the way they make re-wilding your garden so easy! They have just launched some exclusive single species boxes on Not on the High Street too. Choose from Cornflower or Poppy, two of the most vibrant colours for your outdoor space!

Boskke Sky Planters
boskke sky planters

How about a really different feature for your houseplants, and it’s one your orchids will enjoy in particular! The Sky Planters by Boskke defy gravity with their unique construction, and orchids can feel like they’re growing in the wild. It’s time to remove their supporting canes, be brave!!

These planters are easy to put together, simple to water, and make a real statement. Ferns also work well, especially Boston Ferns! Give it a go!

Elho vibes
elho vibes range

Outer pots for houseplants just get cooler and cooler! The ‘vibes’ range from Elho looks like it stepped straight out of a design store! The ribbed pots are made of recycled plastic, and are sleek and sexy!

Look out for them in your local gardening shop or buy online. The dusky pink is my pick of the range too! Available in 14cm, 16cm, 18cm and 22cm diameters.

Taste Plants
Taste Plants mints

Sometimes minty chewing gum is just a bit much, and it always seems to make me sneeze too! Sometimes I feel like refreshing my mouth in a different way, and over the years I’ve tried all the alternatives: chewing parsley, running a strawberry over my teeth, and other things I won’t care to mention!

Taste Plants tablets are the ideal mint substitutes! Each tablet is made with whole plants and extracts, so it’s not just about superficial flavouring – you also retain and benefit from the powerful anti-microbial properties of those ingredients. Fresh mouth to behold!

Super Trellis
super trellis

There’s finally a cool way to support your indoor plants! The fantastic ‘Super Trellis‘ replaces those basic green canes and gives your plant a contemporary feel. Perfect for ‘scramblers’ like Hoya carnosa, I would also be tempted to remove the hoop from a Stephanotis and install a Super Trellis instead!

There are 20 colours available, and it’s no surprise there’s a patent pending. You’ll soon spot these ace supports in many an Insta post!

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