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If there’s anything we all have in abundance, it’s kitchen scraps! But if you don’t know what to do with them, they can just go to waste in the kitchen bin. Not anymore – Regrown by Paul Anderton and Robin Daly shows you how to ‘regrow’ 20 vegetables from their scraps. Magic! Buy it here from the publisher or here on Amazon.

Crab Shell Fertiliser
sea the change

Have you ever wondered what happens to a crab shell after you’ve eaten it? Probably not, but it most likely goes in the bin, and then landfill, to decompose after some time. But what if we could harness the nutrients within crab shells and use them to benefit our gardens? Sea the Change have done just that. This fertiliser fights plant diseases, promotes healthy growth and triggers plant defense systems – and it’s 100% crab shell. Nothing added!

la soufflerie
la soufflerie

Ooh, I love a good vase, and probably have far too many! La Soufflerie is making beautiful glass-blown vases from 100% recycled glass. Each piece is unique.

La Soufflerie are a non-profit, family owned company, who are keen to preserve the art of ancestral glass-blowing.

Sarah Raven - Dahlia
sarah raven

Now, there’s a LOT of Dahlia to choose from these days; we are positively spoilt for choice… But, ‘Evanah‘ really got my attention! The blooms are almost sculpted, like one of those fancy artisan candles!

Start from tuber or potted plant; it’s great to have such a choice, as we haven’t all got the space to start off tubers indoors. Buy yours at Sarah Raven…

Silly Greens
silly greens

We all chat about microgreens and how good they are for you, but have you ever tried any? Here’s the easiest way to do it… Each pack of ‘Silly Greens‘ is delivered pre-sown, all you need to do is water the pack every day, and in next to no time you’ll have a healthy crop right in front of you!

Zhuzh up that dinner plate today!

And, remember, Silly Greens is a first of its kind; farm-direct, unfinished cropping, full of goodness. Prices are just £5 per box, with no monthly commitment.

Seed Pantry
seed pantry

These are cracking little kits, and the design is just perfect! The ‘Craft Beer’ kit caught my eye, can’t think why! Each kit has all you need to grow; biodegradable husk pots, organic peat-free compost and the seeds for success!

I always fancy giving the Jalapeno kit a try! The succulents also look pretty cool. Great for kids, adults, and everyone in between!

GREK tea
grek tea

I’ve been following the journey of GREK Tea for a few years, as many of you know I have Greek heritage myself. The range has lovely traditional teas such as Mountain Tea and Peppermint, but my pick of the range has to be their Lemon Verbena!

It’s caffeine-free, and packed with health benefits, and recently bagged two gold stars in the Great Taste 2020 awards!


Alcohol-free drinks have come a long way, baby! I am loving the complex botanical creations from Crossip, a new initiative which also gives back. 5% of all sales to social causes.

The flavours are mature and sophisticated, with 3 concotions in the range. ‘Pure’ boasts Hibiscus flavours, and can rival a traditional Negroni! For a Whiskey substitute, why not consider the Dandy, it’s deep and complex, and perfect with ice and soda. Finally, ‘Fresh’ is like a fruit punch, just without the morning after punch.

PlantGrow Slug & Snail Solution
plantgrow slug & snail solution

I’m all for natural remedies, and especially when they don’t kill little garden creatures! This dried material acts as a barrier around your plants, protecting them from any imminent slug or snail attacks! This actually then leaves hedgehogs and garden birds with their much needed food source!

Manufactured from 100% natural materials, and mixed to a secret recipe, it’s also vegan, and available from PlantGrow in Norfolk. It’s totally worth a try, I’ll certainly be using it around my prized plants!

Camellia Summer Nights
camellia summer nights

This is a brand-new breeding breakthrough, this is a Camellia that flowers in the summer. This is most unlike all other Camellias. Bred in China by Mr Gao Jiyn, who has worked with Camellia for over 50 years, and finally he managed to make one that blooms from May to October. No wonder they call it “Summer Nights“! 2 metres high and 2 metres wide, so perfect for small gardens or voluminous pots! Available soon from Thompson and Morgan.

Hung Studio
hung studios

Just when I was getting bored of macrame, these awesome leather plant hangers from Hung Studios come along! They also have a vegan line too.

The colours are well-chosen, and I think I may have to treat myself to one of the fleuroscent ones! They’re so 80s it hurts!

Seedball seed box
seedball seed boxes

I have loved Seedball for years, and really love the way they make re-wilding your garden so easy! They have just launched some exclusive single species boxes on Not on the High Street too. Choose from Cornflower or Poppy, two of the most vibrant colours for your outdoor space!

Boskke Sky Planters
boskke sky planters

How about a really different feature for your houseplants, and it’s one your orchids will enjoy in particular! The Sky Planters by Boskke defy gravity with their unique construction, and orchids can feel like they’re growing in the wild. It’s time to remove their supporting canes, be brave!!

These planters are easy to put together, simple to water, and make a real statement. Ferns also work well, especially Boston Ferns! Give it a go!

Elho vibes
elho vibes range

Outer pots for houseplants just get cooler and cooler! The ‘vibes’ range from Elho looks like it stepped straight out of a design store! The ribbed pots are made of recycled plastic, and are sleek and sexy!

Look out for them in your local gardening shop or buy online. The dusky pink is my pick of the range too! Available in 14cm, 16cm, 18cm and 22cm diameters.

Taste Plants
Taste Plants mints

Sometimes minty chewing gum is just a bit much, and it always seems to make me sneeze too! Sometimes I feel like refreshing my mouth in a different way, and over the years I’ve tried all the alternatives: chewing parsley, running a strawberry over my teeth, and other things I won’t care to mention!

Taste Plants tablets are the ideal mint substitutes! Each tablet is made with whole plants and extracts, so it’s not just about superficial flavouring – you also retain and benefit from the powerful anti-microbial properties of those ingredients. Fresh mouth to behold!

Super Trellis
super trellis

There’s finally a cool way to support your indoor plants! The fantastic ‘Super Trellis‘ replaces those basic green canes and gives your plant a contemporary feel. Perfect for ‘scramblers’ like Hoya carnosa, I would also be tempted to remove the hoop from a Stephanotis and install a Super Trellis instead!

There are 20 colours available, and it’s no surprise there’s a patent pending. You’ll soon spot these ace supports in many an Insta post!

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