I’ve always been a PLANT GEEK! Of course, during the “cool” teenage years, I desperately tried to hide it. But, now, as we enjoy a golden age in horticulture, I am out and proud! The concept of Mr Plant Geek was born around four years ago, on a rainy evening in New York, no less. I was on the brink of going freelance, after a long career with one company, and needed a title. A title that would sum up what I’m about. Mr Plant Geek was the result!

During my time at Thompson & Morgan, the premier mail order plant company in England, I racked up 18 years of experience. I was busy introducing hundreds of brand new plants into the UK marketplace, with headline grabbers such as the Egg and Chips plant and the tasty Fuchsia Berry!  In 2015, I was super chuffed to be listed in the Top ’20 most influential horticulturists’ by The Sunday Times, in recognition of my innovations.

I’m also immensely proud of the fun, yet informative website we have created with mrplantgeek.com, with super accessible content! From WTF Gardening to Your Ideal Plant Guide, the online ‘gardening school’ can help any level of gardener. I should be easy to find on social media too, and just love sharing my plant finds with followers. I hope to excite and inspire!

My close relationship with the industry gives me a heightened awareness of what consumers want, and how they can get it. My social media platforms traverse the whole supply chain, giving the trade access to real-time gardeners. That’s why I’ve been the choice for speaking at many trade events, most recently putting together exclusive coverage for the first Digitial Plantarium in The Netherlands.

But, I confess, I am often the most lazy gardener! However, this means I’ve found tonnes of shortcuts and quick solutions, which I regularly share with my followers! You may also see me on ITV This Morning from time to time, with horticultural tips that everyone can understand. Gardening has a habit of seeming overcomplicated, and it doesn’t need to be that way!

I’m certainly not an expert on everything, and prefer to simplify things where I can! You may also see me regularly on the QVC channel, as I present a range of curated products. This is another perfect platform for me to offer gardening tips and insider know-how.


My work as a Content Creator

With a natural passion for plants, I have been chosen to create content for a range of brands in and out of horticulture. Most recently, I was chosen as Horticultural Expert for Rowse with their Hives for Lives campaign, and have also created content for European breeding companies such as written content for Sakata Flowers BV, and video content for Syngenta Flowers. I am keen to deliver information with a fresh attitude, and to help people learn about key new plant introductions.


Mr Plant Geek - Rowse feed the bees campaign

Rowse #FeedTheBees campaign

My work as a New Product Developer

Part of my speciality is in developing new plants and new plant concepts! Aside from the infamous TomTato and Egg and Chips Plant, I have worked on a range of exciting concepts, from Climbing Pelargoniums to Ground Cover Lilies, and was instrumental in getting the UK to grow it’s own Goji Berries, Hanging Basket Blackberries and more!


The Egg & Chips Plant

News coverage of The Egg & Chips Plant

I have a far-reaching network of contacts and possess the unique blend of plant knowledge mixed with marketing awareness. I’ve helped Thompson & Morgan win countless awards, most notably Plant of the Year with Digitalis ‘Illumination Pink’ at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2012.

When introducing new plants, I have handled the whole process; from identifying the product, managing the products trials to directing the photography and preparing the marketing. I also oversaw the development of a successful show garden at Jimmy’s Farm in Suffolk for 2 years running.

My work as a TV and Radio Presenter, Lecturer and Demonstrator

After a few years helping to direct the Thompson & Morgan catalogue videos, I was encouraged to get in front of the camera. Whilst nervous in the early days, I soon developed and become a successful guest presenter on the QVC shopping channel, both in the UK and across Europe. My product knowledge is natural, and I basically love talking about plants, all in all that makes a good presentation!

As my name became known, I was given various segments on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show and This Morning, BBC Great British Garden Revival and The One Show, and Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch. I have been lucky to lecture yearly in Japan, allowing me to share my plant concept ideas with an overseas audience.

I’ve also spoken to countless trade events and public flower shows, from RHS Hampton Court and Tatton Park in the UK to Spoga in Germany and Niagara Parks in Canada. In the age of digital habits, I have presented virtually at the Global Sources show in Hong Kong, and held houseplant masterclasses for PR companies such as Orange Door.

My work as a Social Media Communicator

My social media popularity has grown, thanks to my lighthearted updates and keenness to share knowledge, hints and tips. I always strive to show a positive, yet realistic side to gardening, where everyone feels included. We have a community of thousands on Twitter, Instagram and on my Facebook page.


The Mr Plant Geek brand and The Plant Based Podcast, have garnered a number of awards from prestigious bodies within horticulture. Here is a list of the most recent awards:

  • Garden Media Guild Awards finalist (Website of the Year) 2018
  • Garden Comm Media Awards winner 2019
  • UK Blog Awards winner (Nature & Wildlife category) 2019
  • Garden Media Guild Awards finalist (Radio Broadcast or Podcast of the Year) 2019
  • Garden Media Guild Awards finalist (The Roy Lancaster TV Broadcast of the Year) 2019
  • Garden Media Guild Awards winner (The Roy Lancaster TV Broadcast of the Year) 2021
  • Garden Comm Media Awards winner (Radio Broadcast or Podcast of the Year) 2022
  • Garden Comm Media Awards winner (Website of the Year) 2022
  • Garden Comm Media Awards winner (The Roy Lancaster TV Broadcast of the Year) 2022

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