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Hung Studio
hung studios

Just when I was getting bored of macrame, these awesome leather plant hangers from Hung Studios come along! They also have a vegan line too.

The colours are well-chosen, and I think I may have to treat myself to one of the fleuroscent ones! They’re so 80s it hurts!


Alcohol-free drinks have come a long way, baby! I am loving the complex botanical creations from Crossip, a new initiative which also gives back. 5% of all sales to social causes.

The flavours are mature and sophisticated, with 3 concotions in the range. ‘Pure’ boasts Hibiscus flavours, and can rival a traditional Negroni! For a Whiskey substitute, why not consider the Dandy, it’s deep and complex, and perfect with ice and soda. Finally, ‘Fresh’ is like a fruit punch, just without the morning after punch.

PlantGrow Slug & Snail Solution
plantgrow slug & snail solution

I’m all for natural remedies, and especially when they don’t kill little garden creatures! This dried material acts as a barrier around your plants, protecting them from any imminent slug or snail attacks! This actually then leaves hedgehogs and garden birds with their much needed food source!

Manufactured from 100% natural materials, and mixed to a secret recipe, it’s also vegan, and available from PlantGrow in Norfolk. It’s totally worth a try, I’ll certainly be using it around my prized plants!

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