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Have you ever brewed your own tea? I don’t just mean a bag of tea from the supermarket! I mean growing tea from scratch, then brewing it to enjoy! Thompson & Morgan’s Hydrangea serrata ‘Hydrantea’ allows you to do just that. In Japan this hardy shrub has been utilised for making a refreshing herbal brew for many centuries. Once harvested, the leaves are left to dry in the sun before crushing and re-drying to create flavoursome tea-leaves. With no calories and a naturally sugary flavour, it makes a delicious alternative to normal caffeinated tea.

Monopoly Go Green
monopoly go green

Your favourite marathon board game has gone green – literally! In an effort to raise awareness of eco-friendly building solutions, Hasbro has released this special edition of Monopoly that allows players to earn more money by ‘greening up’ their properties.

In this edition, greenhouses and dice are made of FSC certified wood from well-managed forests, and tokens are made with plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. The package, gameboard, game guide, money, cards, storage bag, insert, and money tray are made with 100% recycled paper. Pre-order yours now – releasing September 2021.

Bottle Farm
bottle farm

Did you know that 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute? That’s a lot of waste. But your plastic bottles don’t have to go to landfill or become downcycled in a process that could create carbon emissions – instead Bottle Farm gives you a kit to turn them into mini indoor farms!

With each kit, you get a nutrient rich ‘Plant Fuel’, seeds, bottle stands and more! You can get your kit for £24.99 here.

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Mr Plant Geek - Michael Perry
No Phlox were harmed in the making of this photo! 🪄 Had a ball today at @ballcolegrave with my main ma’am @ellenmarygardening 🌟 There are TONNES of new varieties to show you, and I will, over the next few days. Plus, you’ll hear even more about them in Series 5 of @plant_based_podcast in September!Alas, at 41, I no longer care that my belly is peeling out of my T-shirt in these photos 😅 ... See MoreSee Less
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Mr Plant Geek - Michael Perry
Could this be Britain’s Next Top Dahlia…..? Vote below- 👍🏼 or 👎🏽 ... See MoreSee Less
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