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Inspired by Taiwanese bubble tea fused with Britain’s famous tea-drinking culture, HumaniTea offers well-balanced tea latte beverages. In fact, they produce ‘the UK’s 1st chilled ready-to-drink plant-based tea lattes bottled into recyclable aluminium cans’ – points for sustainability!

HumaniTea’s drinks are brewed actual tea leaves, creamy oat milk, and ethically sourced, quality ingredients. Try their Matcha and Earl Grey Oat Milk Tea Lattes for your next beverage!

Maddie's Plant Pots
maddie’s plant store

Second-year Design Engineering student Maddie started created eco-friendly plant-based plant pots as a way to fund her education. Now, she has over 1,200 sales on Etsy and hundreds of eco-conscious followers.

Her pots are 3D printed from cornstarch, which is made into a durable bio plastic. This means that the pots will eventually biodegrade, but this takes place after a very long time, and no harsh chemicals are released in the process.

Maddie has a range of contemporary designs, in all shapes and sizes, perfect for housing any houseplant!

Potr Pots
potr plant pots

Designed in Glasgow and made in Bristol, Potr Plant Pots are made from waste polypropylene destined for landfill. The repurposed material is made into long lasting and sturdy planters that are also self-watering! The cotton cord around the plant pot acts as a wicking straw, which transfers water from the reservoir in the base of the pot to the soil surrounding your plant. Better yet, each pot can be flatpacked for easy delivery and storage.

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Mr Plant Geek - Michael Perry
What is this plant? First person to tell me gets a Plant Geek pin!!!! Clue: 🍔 ... See MoreSee Less
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17 hours ago

Mr Plant Geek - Michael Perry
Do you know what this plant is!?I let out a squeal when I first saw it at @kewgardens last week!It’s a Rhododendron zoelleri ‘Decimus’, found in New Guinea in 1955, and the group is named after the discoverer Huge Zoller. Isn’t it just dreamy!? Not widely available and needs a touch of the tropical conditions. #Rhododendron #AmazingPlants ... See MoreSee Less
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Mr Plant Geek - Michael Perry
5 UNEXPECTED AUTUMN THINGS 🍂 from this years #RHSChelseaFlowerShow 🎪 The autumn foliage of everyday plants, for example Peonies as seen here. We can also learn to embrace the yellowing tones of Lily of the Valley and Hosta, which die in the most theatrical way!Autumn colours INDOORS- this awesome houseplant display really caught my eye with its rusty tones, not just from the Nertera but also from casual Gourda, auburn Bromeliads and Nepenthes!Temporary autumn gardens- who says we can’t place a few planted containers around the base of a tree, and create an instant meadow vibe?Nerines- but not just in pink, how’s about this red, or the eye popping striped variety Cleopatra, or even the Amarine- a hybrid between Nerine and Amaryllis belladonna?Chrysanthemums! You can grow your own swimming hat if you plant them now under glass! They are a sight to behold!Evergreens- never overlook them, just be inventive with them! Amazing value, and they make gardening achievable too! ... See MoreSee Less
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