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If there’s anything we all have in abundance, it’s kitchen scraps! But if you don’t know what to do with them, they can just go to waste in the kitchen bin. Not anymore – Regrown by Paul Anderton and Robin Daly shows you how to ‘regrow’ 20 vegetables from their scraps. Magic! Buy it here from the publisher or here on Amazon.

Crab Shell Fertiliser
sea the change

Have you ever wondered what happens to a crab shell after you’ve eaten it? Probably not, but it most likely goes in the bin, and then landfill, to decompose after some time. But what if we could harness the nutrients within crab shells and use them to benefit our gardens? Sea the Change have done just that. This fertiliser fights plant diseases, promotes healthy growth and triggers plant defense systems – and it’s 100% crab shell. Nothing added!

la soufflerie
la soufflerie

Ooh, I love a good vase, and probably have far too many! La Soufflerie is making beautiful glass-blown vases from 100% recycled glass. Each piece is unique.

La Soufflerie are a non-profit, family owned company, who are keen to preserve the art of ancestral glass-blowing.

Geranium Tall, Dark & Handsome - the perfect Geranium for growing up, not out! If you're lacking on space, or you love Geraniums but want a more contemporary style, this variety gives you all the beauty and colour of a Geranium with the ability to train it up an obelisk or trellis! Find out more about this plant here: ... See MoreSee Less
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