I think I’m comfortable with referring to myself as the ultimate plant geek- as my obsession with plants has been persisting for over 30 years now, and shows no sign of letting up! I have been responsible for introducing hundreds of new plants into the UK, most notably novelties such as the Egg and Chips plant and the Fuchsia Berry!

Despite my shy early years, I’m confident in front of a camera, with appearances on QVC across Europe, BBC and ITV under my belt. I’m also a keen social media communicator, and use it to find out more about what gardeners want from their gardening and plants, and share my own advice with them!

I’m also a keen traveller, and it seems to be what I spend most of my money on, whether it’s a weekend break in a European city or a trek through the Costa Rican jungle! So, make sure you subscribe to my website to keep up to date with my movements!


I launched the Mr Plant Geek website in 2013, and since then I’ve received a variety of awards from insitutions including Garden Comm, the Garden Media Guild and the UK Blog Awards.

Here are a few of the awards that I’ve received lately:


UK Blog Awards 2019

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