Costa Rica: the facts and figures!

The following facts should be accurate: Total distance trekked: 92.71 km (57.60 miles) Total of ascents: 4627 metres (15,180 feet) Total of descents: 4627 metres (15,180 feet) -obviously! Total time trekked: 35 hours and 4 minutes!

Costa Rica day 6: the day we found tarmac

We awoke, as ever, before the alarm! The bleary sight of bodies emerging from sleeping bags in a cow shed will stick with me forever. After a false start where only fruit arrived, we had rice, beans, egg and wet toast. I gave the shower a miss today, first time! But, after a cold night’s…

Costa Rica day 4: swimming in our boots

We awoke to much excitement from the late card game playing boys, a frog had entered the card game, and proceeded to be photographed. It is indeed was pretty, and it made me happy that it had made otherwise-macho Chris scream.