The following facts should be accurate:

Total distance trekked: 92.71 km (57.60 miles)

Total of ascents: 4627 metres (15,180 feet)

Total of descents: 4627 metres (15,180 feet) -obviously!

Total time trekked: 35 hours and 4 minutes!


The following facts may be dubious:

5 boys, 5 girls, 1 AJ, 1 minor celebrity, 1 robot..

132 cereal bars were distributed, 1 set of sunglasses lost, 10 pairs of boots were worn, 1 pair of wellies (by Hector) worn, and 2 machetes were used, but never in urban areas!

11 walking poles were used, 1 was bent, 1 sleeping mat popped, 1 car was slept in..

10 pieces of rice were stuck in Hannah’s nose, 20 streams were crossed, we broke 2 hammock virgins, and swam in 3 jungle pools..

8 bottles of wine were consumed (mainly by Sue) and 52 cans of beer (mainly by Karl)..

2 mobile phones were lost, 1 mobile phone was found, there were 3 attempts to jungle swing, only 1 successful..

12 ibuprofens were administered, 10 metres of zinc oxide tape were used, 300 mosquito bites were witnessed and 3000 photos taken (mainly by Ken)..

We saw 2 jungle monkey, 1 spider, 1 sloth, 247 lizards, 78 butterflies and 1 chihuahua..

We saw 2 oceans, and had 1 incredible journey! 11 new friends made!


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